EasyVEEP is the new, free of charge graphical 2D process simulator with numerous attractive examples on PLC training.

PLC training needs to be enjoyable.
Part of this enjoyment are realistic exercises and processes. But where do you obtain them?



Here is the solution.

  • Take one PLC– e.g. an S7 EduTrainer® Start
  • EasyPort from Festo Didactic and
  • a simulated lift system such as the one provided free of charge as an EasyVeep Windows application with EasyPort,
  • or a bottling system, a railway barrier or a wind generator, etc.

The EasyVeep process simulator provides the exercise description, your students develop the STEP 7 program and the connection between the PC, EasyPort and S7 is quickly established using the cables supplied. And away you go!

PLC actuation of the process model is effected by connecting the digital EasyPort USB  (order no.: 548687) with the PC and connecting your PLC with Easyport in accordance with the input and output mapping list for your process model. To do this, use one or two I/O cables with two SysLink plugs or open at one end for connection with the PLC. See the EasyVeep guidelines for more details.

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