03/02/2013 | BETT exhibition 2013

From January 30 to February 01, 2013 the BETT took place at the ExCeL centre in London.

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23/01/2013 | German Championships "Mobile Robotics" 2013 in Erfurt

German team in Mobile Robotics for the WorldSkills 2013 has been found!

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09/11/2012 | Teciam now on the Apple AppStore

Find our public documents on our new app „Festo Didactic Publication Store“!

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18/10/2012 | WorldDidac 2012 India Exhibition, Delhi

Festo Didactic again present in the German pavilion.

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11/10/2012 | Successful games at EuroSkills 2012 in Spa-Francorchamps

Hungarian team wins Mechatronics competition, German team winner in Mobile Robotics.

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10/10/2012 | Programme des formations 2013

Le catalogue des formations 2013 est désormais disponible avec un portefeuille plus étoffé et pour la première fois en français/espagnol.

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26/09/2012 | Leonardo European Corporate Learning Award 2012

Dr. Wilfried Stoll and Dr. h. c. Kurt Stoll, the founders of Festo Didactic, received the Leonardo European Corporate Learning Award for their holistic approach to company learning.

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04/09/2012 | EuroSkills 2012 in Spa-Francorchamps!

From October 4 to 6, 2012 the 3rd European skills competitions will take place on the famous racetrack of Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium).

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08/08/2012 | Russian Federation now the 60th member of WorldSkills International

The first workshop for Mechatronics teams of national WorldSkills competitions in Russia.

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08/08/2012 | The prime minister of Russia at INNOPROM 2012

Dmitry Medvedev and the learning system MPS®-210.

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