11/10/2007 | Filtration, mélange, thermostatage et conditionnement comme dans l'industrie

  • MPS® PA – Le nouveau système de formation à l'automatisation des process
  • Système interconnectées et Station de travail compacte
  • AFB – L'usine virtuelle modulaire pour toutes les missions de production hybrides
  • Ateliers et séminaires

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29/06/2007 | Mechatronics and its application in developing countries for enhanced industrial productivity.

Successful ISESCO Workshop.

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23/04/2007 | Turquie : Festo Didactic pour contrer le manque de personnel spécialisé

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10/04/2007 | de formation Advanced Industrial Engineering (AIE).

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03/04/2007 | L’avenir de la technologie d’information en direct :

SAP sur le CEBIT
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02/04/2007 | EADS: First Line Leadership Training Programme completed

The programme was run as a pilot for a group of 15 participants – mostly newly appointed junior managers – from Finnland, France and Germany.

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02/04/2007 | iCIM laboratoy in the Iskitler Vocational School, Ankara, Turkey

The lab consists of 2 big CNC machines, 2 Mitsubishi Robots, AS/RS, conveyor, quality control and assembly station.
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02/04/2007 | Lean Production Business Simulation introduced in Turkey at Bosch Siemens Household in Cerkezköy

The Business Simulation opens people's eyes to waste in the production process.
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14/03/2007 | The new Training and Consulting services from Festo

Training Courses, certified Qualification Programmes and Industrial Consulting.

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14/03/2007 | Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) – Making full use of production plants

Adding value by increasing machine efficiency, reduction of errors and rejects and unexpected machine downtime.
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