Managed Educational Services

We are there even before a project starts. With our understanding of educational challenges and profound knowledge how to overcome them, we offer state-of-the-art consultancy for managed educational services.


makret_needs_px.jpgMarket needs and skills gap analysis

We provide comprehensive and unique studies, or gap analysis or even complete business plans, for industries or entire markets. Based on the findings, and together with our customers, we develop the best and most sustainable solutions that focus on customized training and qualification requirements.


                                   Green field and building concept consultancy

With our expertise in operating training green_field_250px.jpgfacilities for Festo, and on behalf of customers worldwide, we share our insights on designing Learning Centers in the most efficient and practicable way. Established classroom and workshop layouts are the basis for a modern and engaging learning environment as these designs follow very important methodical and group dynamic concepts.
Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can provide you with one of our sustainable concepts.


staffing_250.jpg Staffing and recruiting of teachers and trainers

We provide staffing and recruitment solutions, selecting the most suitable trainers and teachers whose skills and qualifications match the customer’s request. Trainers are evaluated and assessed according to the individually-defined job profiles and competencies required to best perform and teach qualification programs.

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Certified international standards for qualification solutions:

DIN ISO 29990 



Managed Educational Services – Skills development in technical vocational education