Festo Didactic as partner of WorldSkills Kazan 2019

The world championship of skills was held from August 22 - 27. As a promoter of excellence in technical education, we were part of this event in many ways!

Whether as a global industrial partner, technical equipment supplier, exhibitor, competitor or promoter of the dual system for vocational training - Festo was taking part in the 45th World Skills Championships in Kazan, Russia, with a clear objective: to further promote the quality of vocational training through innovations in education.



What is WorldSkills?
WorldSkills is a group of people and organizations that together advance the shared social objective of improving our world with the power of skills. Every two years, WorldSkills hosts the world championship of skills and organizes competitions in 56 skills, which attract almost 1,400 competitors from over 60 countries.

How was Festo Didactic involved?
Since 1991, we are proud to be a Global Industry Partner of WorldSkills International. We fully support the organization in their mission to raise the profile and recognition of skilled people and to show how important skills are in achieving economic growth and personal achievement. Promoting excellence in technical education is deeply ingrained in our mission. Therefore, once again this year, Festo as a promoter of the dual system for vocational training was part of the event as an equipment sponsor, supporter, exhibitor, and speaker.

Festo at the Skill Competition


In a presentation zone for emerging jobs and skills – so called FutureSkills – Festo and Siemens jointly provided visitors with the opportunity to get an insight in professional skills and work functions of the future required in a complex, and a rapidly changing world.
Festo Didactic has also assumed central responsibility and alignment for the "Industry 4.0" skill. This competition focuses on the challenges associated with the digitalisation of industrial production.  Various learning systems developed by Festo Didactic specifically for qualification in industry 4.0 are used to solve practical tasks.
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The Future Skill "Industry 4.0" was held for the first time this year. Both the qualification and the on-site competition were scheduled as pilots to test whether and how such a "skill" can be carried out in the future.

It goes without saying that Festo must not be absent from this discipline: The mechatronics engineer, Mark Lattwein took up a challenge together with a dual IT student. After his comprehensive preparation and qualification, he entered the competition for Germany and joyfully won the bronze medal.

Water technology Skill

Also, for the first time, water technology was held as an official skill. We provided support for the 11 competition teams, who solved problems using the EDS Water Management modular learning system, which simulates the core processes of water and waste water plants.
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Mechatronics Competition

Since 1990, the Modular Production System (MPS) has been the main platform for the mechatronics competition. This year we were full sponsor for 34 competing teams, who worked on the latest MPS. But not only as sponsor, Festo Didactic has marked the mechatronics skills from the beginning and is also supplier and expert.
In this skill, our own trainees have learned a lot and intensively and have achieved a medium ranking.

‘Try a Skill’ with Festo

Next to the competition area of the Mechatronics and Water Technology skills there were “Try a Skill” areas which provided visitors with the exciting chance to try out different skills in an interactive way and gain first hands-on experiences.


The Festo VIP Booth

The Festo VIP Booth was designated as a central contact point and temporary company address for various interested people. We exchanged ideas and informations about Festo with both customers and families, who are interested in technical education.


We are also proud of the attendance of Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey, the Union Minister, Skill development & Entrepreneurship, GoI from India. Also, The Finnish Manager of Festo Didactic held presentation for customer delegations from all over the world. 


The Festo VIP Booth was introducing into the CP-Factory. This complete learning platform authentically replicated the stations of a real production system and ensures practical application of advanced Industry 4.0 skills.

Secondly the CIROS VR  was presented. A simulation software, which allows you to virtually explore virtual learning environments using VR glasses.

Visitors also had the chance to see our absolute highlight, the Bionic Workplace. A revolutionary Human-robot collaboration with artificial intelligence, that created big fascination in everyone.