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12/10/11 | 8th International Abilympics in Seoul 2011

The event once again demonstrates the vocational motivation and potential of people with physical or mental handicaps.

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04/10/11 | EPLAN Education – Nueva versión 2.1

Entender y agilizar el proceso de creación de productos con la nueva versión.

¡Nuestra oferta exclusiva para usted!

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18/08/11 | WorldSkills 2011 in London

Festo, founding global partner of WorldSkills, proudly sponsors the world’s largest, international skills competition where young people from across the globe compete to become the best of the best in their chosen skill.

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27/06/11 | Technology 2011 in Tel-Aviv

Prof. Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education and Research visited Festo Didiactic on the 21th International Fair for Technological Innovations and Achievements in Tel-Aviv, on 14-16 June, 2011.

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17/06/11 | Premiado: Fundamentos de la técnica eléctrica/electrónica

El equipo didáctico TP 1011 «Fundamentos de la técnica eléctrica/electrónica» fue distinguido con el «IF product design award» ...

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09/05/11 | Robotino® en la Robocup 2011

Festo en la RoboCup desde el 05 hasta el 11 de julio de 2011 en Estambul (Turquía).

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04/04/11 | Equipos didácticos de electrotécnica

Formación moderna y estimulante!


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28/03/11 | Robotino® XT – A mobile learning system

One day, the future could look like this or similar. The sample for new technologies is opening new perspectives for a safe human-machine cooperation. 

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17/03/11 | French National Skills Competition in Paris

From 2nd to 5th February, the French National Skills 2011 took place in Paris. There was of course a competition in Mechatronics with MPS Stations from Festo Didactic.

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17/03/11 | E-learning as a valuable and worthwhile teaching aid

E-learning has developed over a long period of time from its tender beginnings to exorbitant hype and back into the real world.

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