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19/03/21 | Join Festo Didactic at the Hannover Messe Digital Edition

The digital Hannover Messe will take place from 12 - 16 April 2021,
daily 6 am to 8 pm CET.

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24/11/20 | Online Colloquium: Taxonomy of Digital Technical and Vocational Education and Training (DTVET)

Festo Didactic and ADEA are pleased to invite you to our Virtual Colloquium Digital Technical and Vocational Education and Training - DTVET. 

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01/10/20 | WorldSkills in your classroom!

Bring the latest WorldSkills MPS equipment into your classroom!  Get access to innovations now and benefit from the special conditions.

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13/09/20 | ¡Participa en nuestros webinarios didácticos gratuitos!

Descubra el programa de nuestra nueva serie de webinarios didácticos del otoño de 2020.
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07/07/20 | It is REAL!

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23/06/20 | End of Support for Classroom Manager Standard

The Classroom Manager Standard has been used by our customers worldwide for over 15 years.

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16/06/20 | Free of charge FluidSIM® MecLab now also for homeschooling

Festo Didactic supports schools with homeschooling.

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27/04/20 | Regístrese en nuestros webinars gratuitos: LVSIM-EMS, EMS, LVProSim

Con el fin de ayudar a los usuarios a sacar el máximo provecho del software de simulación de sistemas electromecánicos LVSIM-EMS, del simulador de Control de Procesos, y tambiné del sistema de aprendizaje en electromecánica, le invitamos a unirse a uno de nuestros seminarios web gratuitos.

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25/03/20 | The situation regarding the Coronavirus has our full attention.

We prioritize the safety of our customers and employees very high.

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06/11/19 | WorldSkills Sustainable Practice Award in Water Technology goes to Festo Didactic

Festo Didactic received the prestigious Sustainable Practice Award for its endeavors in the competition discipline Water Technology.

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