What it takes to become a FACT Centre

What it takes to become a FACT Centre

To protect our brand equity, we select our FACT partners with great care.They must be committed to excellence in training.

Stringent standards must be met before trainers are certified and institutions are authorized to operate under the Festo brand. And even when courses are up and running, they are subject to an audit every two years. This demanding process ensures that FACT Centres stay on the leading edge.

During initial discussions, we inspect labs and work with you to define targets.If necessary, we jointly conduct a market survey to establish local industry needs. Once we have both approved the proposal, we draw up a comprehensive plan and send you a detailled offer. Implementation starts as soon as the order and the FACT contract heve been signed. We design the lab and deliver your equipment. Training starts with installation and commissioning, followed by transfer of training for Employability and Productivity skills and knowledge to your trainers. Training concludes with a competency check and certification. Parallel to this , you work with our consultant on the right marketing mix  for the project. At the end of this process is the opening ceremony - normally staged as a media event with VIP guests to gain maximum exposure for your new FACT Centre.


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