FACT benefits

FACT benefits

Why not just buy a lab and start training on our own?

You could of course just order a lab from us and you would be trained´how to use the equipment.

But what would be missing?

The unique benefits of FACT are obvious:

Planning and implementation

  • Detailed analysis of local industries training needs
  • Demand-oriented definition of the ideal equipment mix
  • Lab planning and design
  • Implementation support
  • Training program development
  • Competency based training according to the professional competence
  • Marketing training and implementation

Operational stage

  • Close contact to the industry
  • Access to relevant Festo Didactic resources
  • Membership of fast growing FACT network

Market appeal

  • Authorized and Certified by Festo
  • FACT guarantees Festo quality
  • Partnership with Festo, world leader in industry training
  • High industry recognition through the right to issue Festo certificates