Our training formats

Our trainings are attended by 42,000 participants per year worldwide. Training courses are available in 39 languages.

In order to meet the individual need of our clients, we offer several training formats:

Public courses:

Competency-development in public seminars: practical with state-of-the-art industrial components, for customers with one or two employees and a need for training in one topic. We teach technology that applies to your company regardless of the machinery you are using. Our hands-on training focuses on the knowledge and is product- and brand independent,  so participants can apply their newly acquired knowledge directly after the training.

Customized courses:
In-house training with tailored content which means clients don't waste time training in areas that are not directly relevant to them. There are synergies of qualification for several employees at the same time, perfect for small groups or specific teams. Confidential or very special topics can be considered and it is more convenient and time-saving as staff is still present on-site and can go back to their workplaces if necessary. Trainers can even help solving problems onsite.
Moreover, there will be reduced or even no travel and accommodation costs for participants.

Competency programs
Knowledge and methods for individual job roles: relevant theory combined with practical exercises, based on industry requirements with a special focus on role-specific activities.
These programs enable participants to perform more effectively in their position. They consist of a range of courses and – in the majority of cases – of a project work related to tasks in the participant‘s workplace accompanied by our consultants.

Added value: we initiate, design, supervise, and evaluate change processes. We use methods and tools already in successful practice. Consultants with profound expertise and long-term industrial experience qualify you to increase your efficiency.  We prepare and empower you for industrial performances within the rapid development of global markets.