EN32 – Programming a programmable logic controller

Course Objective
To provide the participant with knowledge of construction and operation of a PLC and be able to translate control tasks into operational PLC programs. The participant would be able to write and simulate the control system based on IEC 61131-3 standard.

Target Group
Engineers, technicians, maintenance staff, designers and trainers

Course Content

  • Functions and applications of PLC
  • Components of a PLC:
    - Hardware and software
    - Programming device
    - General structure of PLC program
  • PLC addresses:
    - Input/Output listing
    - Electrical and pneumatic circuit diagram
    - Input/Output devices
  • Programming Languages according to IEC 61131-3:
    - Ladder diagram
    - Instruction list
    - Function block diagram
    - Structured text
    - Sequential function chart
  • Procedure for creating a PLC program
  • Programming of control task:
    - Logic functions
    - Sequence tasks
    - Timing sequence
    - Counting sequence
  • Multitasking with the PLC:
    - Manual/Auto mode
    - Emergency stop
    - Single/Continuous cycle
    - Parallel programs
  • Simulation and practical exercises:
    - Understanding the control task
    - Writing the program
    - Downloading the program
    - Testing the system


  • Completed PSLE and are able to speak, read and write in basic English
  • Participants with the following competency rating from the Employability Skills System (ESS) are eligible:
    - Listening / Speaking – Min. level 4
    - Reading / Writing – Min. level 4
    - Numeracy – Min. level 4
  • Recommended module to be completed before this module:
    - EN31 – Operate Programmable Logic Controllers

4 days (32 hours)