Certified training quality














We are able to deliver trainings around the world in local languages and with the high standard you and us require. With 50 years of experience we have a lot of knowledge to offer - accompanied with high quality and processes to make you trust in our offer.

Festo Didactic underscores its standing as one of the world's leading training providers with certification according to DIN ISO 29990:2010, the standard for quality management of educational institutions. This standard – based on the well-known DIN ISO 9001:2008 – focuses on the learner, learning outcomes, teaching services and the competence of the training service provider, thus closing gaps that previously existed. The main points covered are:

  • Training content and learning processes
  • Training services
  • Resources to support transfer of knowledge
  • Curriculum design
  • Information and orientation of the customer
  • Goals and methods of evaluation
  • The competences of trainers and performance management

All our trainers are certified according to our internal seal of quality “Festo Certified Training Professional”. This guarantees you operational excellence in training.