• These updates are valid for the technologies pneumatics, hydraulics & electrical engineering
  • These updates are not valid for FluidSIM® MecLab
  • These updates do not support any Windows-3.x-installations and no special versions of FluidSIM® (Leonardo, NTSC, etc.)
Version 5.6c 07/10/2019
  • The oscilloscope has a value range twice as high (instead of 100V/DIV now 200V/DIV). The zero volt level is indicated by a small triangle at the edge in the corresponding channel color and the Y offset is displayed numerically.
  • The actuation labels of the semi-rotary cylinder can now be addressed directly in a GRAFCET.
  • The diodes and LEDs now have a maximum power. If this is exceeded, the diode burns out. This is also graphically animated. So that existing circuit diagrams in the new version do not suddenly behave differently, the power is set to (non-realistic) 1000 W as a default.
  • All technologies provide the new component: Crossover switch.
  • The pneumatics version provides two manually operated 3/2-way valves.
  • The electronics version provides several new components:
           - Pressure switch, automotive specific (works also without fluid technology)

           - Plug and socket including error models

           - Wiper switch

           - Windshield wiper interval relay including error models

           - Wiper motor, one-stage

           - Wiper motor, two-stage

Version 5.6b 04/03/2019

  • Memory leak fixed.
  • The switch symbol was sometimes not updated when linking a contact to a relay.
  • A simulation error with invalid cylinder force profiles has been fixed.
  • Some adoptions to high resolution monitors have been made.

Version 5.5 02/09/2017

  • Extends the electrical engineering version with components and interactive learning scenarios from automotive technology.
  • For typical components fault models can be selected. In addition, error configurations can be summarized. A repair mode allows diagnosis and repair for learning purposes.
  • The display of the quantity values at the connectors has been improved.
  • Further predefined voltage values and extension of the value range for oscilloscopes.
  • Multi-line attribute texts are displayed correctly in the PDF export.
  • Target information within partial GRAFCETs are now handled correctly.
  • An error in the evaluation of conditions in transitions has been fixed.
  • Idle actuated cylinder switches have not been properly initialized when triggered by an external signal of the EasyPort.
  • In DXF export, lines are suppressed on invisible drawing layers.
  • Some GRAFCET settings were not saved.
  • For better presentation, FluidSIM now uses anti-aliasing. In rare cases, this is at the expense of the simulation speed. The option can be switched off via the registry entry "HighQualityRendering" (HKCU).
  • Extends the library with the following components:
    – Relay coil (AC)
    – Pneumatics: Proportional pressure regulator
    – VR-Model "Conveyor module"

Version 5.3c 08/28/2017

  • Archiving projects could overwrite the original files in rare cases.
  • GRAFCET formula representation in PDF export improved.
  • Layout bug in print dialog resolved.
  • Alignment of grouped objects did not always place corresponding texts correctly.
  • The new behavior of inheriting properties since version 5.3b should make sure  that the representation and simulation parameters are not dependent on
    individual settings of a PC. However, for many users this was depreciated and the former behavior was restored with this update. In case you prefer a deterministic behavior, you can set the registry entry "InheritFromGlobalOptions" (HKCU) to the value "False".
  • Parts list cells with "read-only" attribute could sometimes be edited. However, the changes did not have any effect.
  • Calculation of macro extensions improved.
  • Finding license server improved.
  • Static buttons within the didactics material did sometimes not work correctly.
  • The supplied sample circuits (TP) as well as the didactics material have been revised regarding the reference designation EN 81346. If you rather like to work according to the old standard you can switch off the new designation in the "Didactics" menu. Please note that this feature has only effect on the supplied material.
  • Rounding error in print function fixed.
  • Multiple occurrence of four hydraulic valves removed from the component library.
  • In text objects, the "Enter" key normally inserts a line break. If you rather like to close the dialog by "Enter" you can set the registry key "CloseTextboxOnEnter" (HKCU) to the value "True". In this case a line break can be inserted by "Ctrl" + "Enter".
  • Wire links were sometimes not drawn correctly in terminal diagrams.
  • The module conveyor out of the MPS is realized as a real simulation modell.

Version 5.3b 05/19/2017

  • DXF import improved and new options added.
  • In order to avoid confusion, page numbering can optionally skip letters "I" and "O".
  • Text objects may have different attribute links and pre-defined variables in each line. A static text can be added by surrounding it with double quotes.
  • In the drawing layer dialog, the layer properties can be adopted from another page. The page selection dialog now shows the project pages in hierarchical view instead of a flat list.
  • The scale operation is automatically switched off for very tiny objects in order to avoid unintentional scaling or rotating when trying to move the objects. The tolerance can be adjusted with the registry entry "AutoScaleMinSize" (HKCU). The value '0' switches off the automatic.
  • The option "Object appears in parts lists" of the common properties dialog was not applied for macro objects.
  • Assigning pen properties did sometimes not work for dimensioning.
  • Zoom factor and scroll positions are stored in addition to window positions on exit.
  • The option "foreground/background" is now also available for text objects. Thus, e.g. texts within drawing frames can be placed in background.
  • The project tree was sometimes not updated completely.
  • Editing of the functional diagram did not work in Version 5.3a.

Version 5.3 03/10/2017

  • A rare simulation error has been rectified.
  • An error message could appear when editing the cylinder’s stroke.
  • In standard mode, the options dialog can optionally show all settings. Thus, it is not necessary to previously invoke the expert mode.
  • As an option, the didactics explanations of sectional images and animations can now be hidden.
  • For valves that can be operated by a lever, the lever deflection can be defined numreically..
  • In the state diagram, some very short peaks were sometimes not displayed correctly.
  • If no force profile is specified, the external force on the cylinder can now be changed during the simulation.
  • The throttle check valve is now standard in vertical orientation in the library.
  • In addition to the label, the contact number can optionally be displayed for electrical contacts actuated by relays.
  • The option “Stepwise control” of the controller properties has not been saved permanently.
  • Under “View” -> “Quantity Values” the number of decimals displayed for parameter values can be set.
  • A warning for open digital connections is available as an option.
  • In tube and wiring lists, the designation of the target object was sometimes not displayed correctly.
  • The analog I/O component’s server is now set to “FestoDidactic.EzOPC.2” by default.
  • Pneumatic connections can be shown with the symbol for an exhaust without connection. Please note that components with this exhaust symbol are simulated correctly in older
  • FluidSIM versions, but are displayed with normal, open connections.
  • The connection terminators in the context menu of the connections have not always been displayed correctly.
  • Scaled texts were sometimes not exported correctly to DXF.
  • In the dialog of connection terminations (silencers, blind plugs), the properties of the associated component can now be opened directly.
  • When duplicating pages in the project tree, object references were sometimes not set correctly. Also, the current state of the original page was sometimes not saved.
  • In the log files of the state diagram, the units were not converted correctly. In addition, sporadic ‘gaps’ for missing values could occur in some columns.
  • The display of cable attributes sometimes disappeared.
  • The pipe model in hydraulics has been improved.
  • In the hydraulic version, a new component has been added: Reversible pump / motor unit with two directions of flow and variable displacement, external drain line, and two directions of rotation
  • The program language Japanese has been added (for the time being, the documentation is in English).
  • The program language Chinese has been added (for the time being, the documentation is in English)
  • Resolves the problem that no WibuKey licenses are found when WibuKey drivers 6.40 or newer are installed. CodeMeter licensing and online activations are not affected.
  • The call to the Wibu WebAdmin from the license dialog sometimes did not work.
  • The drawing frame file was sometimes not found when a page is not part of a project.
  • Two terminals connected by a bridge no longer appear as targets in the terminal assignment diagram.
  • The texts of the actuation labels on cylinders are better positioned so that they do not overlap if several labels or long designations are used.
  • The order of the terminals of a terminal strip was sometimes not stored correctly.
  • Resolves an error when assigning terminals and cables after duplicating pages.
  • The exchange of the logo in drawing frames was sometimes not saved correctly..
  • The oscilloscope now has four channels.
  • The oscilloscope sometimes did not save the settings for the second channel correctly.
  • Texts that uniquely belong to a symbol (designations, connection texts, attribute links) are automatically moved with the symbol. New is a function for manually anchoring a text with a symbol or group. There is a new entry in the context menu for this. Such anchored texts are automatically moved and deleted with the corresponding symbol, but they can be placed independently of the symbol.
  • The current drawing area can now be defined directly in the menu strip.
  • Changing pencil colors, line styles, drawing layers, etc. does not only refer to newly drawn objects, but optionally also changes the properties of the selected objects.
  • Fixes a conversion error when setting the page division for different units.
  • Sometimes the simulation did not work on PCs with non-Western languages.
  • Electrical connection lines can be provided with a resistance.
  • A corresponding symbol with an idle diode has been added to the symbols for the valve solenoid, relay, relay (on-delay), relay (off-delay).
  • The NTC resistor in the electrical-engineering version has been corrected.
  • Adds a PTC resistor to the electrical- engineering version.
  • The symbol representation of the following NEMA symbols has been changed:
    - Optical proximity switch
    - Pressure sensor with indicator
  • Circuit diagrams from the following textbooks of the Europa-Lehrmittel-Verlag have been added (for the time being only in German language):
    - Steuern und Regeln
    - Fachkunde Metall
    - Automatisierungstechnik

Version 5.2b 08/16/2016

  • The parts lists settings provide an option if user-defined attributes overwrite catalog attributes with same name. Otherwise, two columns are displayed in case of conflicts.
  • A rare simulation error has been rectified.
  • Lines an actuation labels were not displayed correctly for some basic unit lengths.
  • Representation of some valve bodies of configurable valves has been improved.
  • Prevents an erroneous warning for incomplete connected digital modules.
  • Filled rectangles as well as circles are represented correctly when exported as DXF.
  • Bitmap export improved.
  • PDF export improved.
  • The Drawing frame editor could sometimes not be opened.
  • Simulation speed on some AMD and older Intel processors significantly improved.
  • The frame around actuation labels of cylinders are determined by their object designation in case the corresponding connectors have no label.
  • The potential's line color between two terminals was sometimes not shown.
  • Rotated bitmaps were sometimes not displayed correctly if the rotation angle was 90 and 270 degrees, respectively.
  • Folders could not always be moved within the project hierarchy.
  • With some printer drivers the paper format was not adopted from the print dialog.
  • The scroll range is now determined by the window's content.
  • The paper orientation can now be set manually in the DXF import dialog.
  • Text designations could disappear when applying common properties if the texts were used as symbol.
  • Some adoptions to high resolution monitors have been made.
  • A bug in connection with the insertion of a symbol into an existing line has been fixed.
  • The HomeUse version did sometimes not find the license server under Windows XP.
  • The hydraulics version provides several new components:
     – Synchronizing flow divider/combiner
     – 3-way pressure reducing valve, piloted
     – Bi-directional pressure relief valve
     – Pressure relief valve, piloted, with 4 ports
     – Vented pilot to open check valve
     – Further variant of the hydraulic 4/3-ways control valve

Version 5.2a 04/12/2016

  • Programming language Arabic has been added. (For the time being, the documentation is in English.)
  • DXF import has been improved.
  • Editing of parts lists has been improved.
  • Some adoptions to EasyKit and EasyPort hardware have been made.
  • A module address is now supported for EasyPort components.
  • An error in connection with the Universal-I/O has been rectified.
  • Like the real component, the opening pressure of the hydraulic pressure relief valve within the flush valve cannot be adjusted during simulation.
  • The automatic change of a contact's representation was sometimes not correct in case it was connected to a counter relay.
  • The ':' is suppressed for automatic line designations if the corresponding connector has no designation at all.
  • The drawing frame's page division was not updated in rare cases.
  • User-defined component descriptions were sometimes not applied correctly.
  • Fit-to-screen did not always work in connection with high-resolution displays.
  • Drawing frames can be easily created and edited with means of the new build-in drawing frame editor.
  • Some symbols were revised and some new added according to NEMA standard.
  • New measurement mode for voltmeter and ammeter: Effective (RMS) current without DC component.
  • Parts lists columns are now merged correctly.
  • Mouse wheel's zoom direction can be reversed.
  • Dashed lines are represented more clearly with small zoom factors.
  • Warnings about duplicated designation for some components are prevented.
  • The hydraulics version provides several new components:
    – 3-way proportional pressure reducing valve
    – Pressure intensifier
    – Piston pump, pneumatically operated
    – Flow divider/combiner
    – Variable vane pump, pilot operated