Mechatronics Assistant V2


Mechatronics Assistant V2
  • The demo version is available as a zip file.
  • Save it on your computer and unzip it.
  • Then open the application MechAss.exe to start the program.

The multimedia reference work is a tool for both teachers and students.
To test the variety of its functions, a representative selection of documents is available to you for all topic areas.

Among other things, you will find examples of:

  • Practical and topical exercise books with solutions 
  • Graphics, photos, animations, video sequences, presentations 
  • Manuals, operating instructions, technical data sheets, circuit diagrams and other tools 
  • Turn-key exercises for modules, stations and systems 
  • Introductory exercises 
  • Complex projects 
  • Tips on working with mechatronic systems 
  • Many documents are available in the source format (e.g. doc, ppt, dxf). 
  • Further information can be quickly called up via links. 
  • Keyword search – the graphics, animations and videos are also supplied with keywords. 
  • Updating, new exercises, sample programs and project ideas can also be downloaded via the Internet.

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