Control simulated circuits in FluidSIM® via an external PLC – and more... 

EzOPC is an OPC® server that provides data links, e.g.:

  • To a Festo Didactic EasyPort I/O module
  • To the Siemens STEP 7 Simulator PLCSIM 5.1 or later and to PLCSIM Advanced
  • To Codesys® controller and to the Soft PLC PLCWinNT

The data can be written or read by any OPC® 2.x compliant OPC client.

What’s new in EzOPC 5.8?

  1. Silent Install
    The setup program can now be executed without prompting (silent). To do this, start the program with the parameter /S.
  2. S7-PLCSIM Advanced
    An error in the handling of analog values has been fixed.

What’s new in EzOPC 5.7?

  1. Simulation of Codesys controller
    In addition to simulation in Codesys V2.3, Codesys V3.5 SP8 or higher is now supported.

What’s new in EzOPC 5.6?

  1. Simulation of Siemens controller
    In addition to the simulation S7-PLCSIM V5.1 or higher, the S7-PLCSIM Advanced now is also supported

What’s new in EzOPC 5.5?

  1. Exchange of analogue values.
    In addition to the digital signals analogue values can be shared between FluidSIM®/ CIROS® and the PLC-simulations PLCSIM/ PLCWinNT. Those signals can also be connected to a real process or PLC via EasyPort-Modules.
  2. Simplified Codesys®-connection
    The communication between EzOPC and the CoDeSys Soft-PLC PLCWinNT is significant simplified. The intermediate layer of the CoDeSys OPC-Server is obsolete as of EzOPC 5.5.

What is OPC® ?
OPC® stands for "Open Connectivity via Open Standards" and is an established standard interface in automation. It ensures efficient data flow between Windows applications and automation equipment.  

For further information, please visit http://www.opcfoundation.org

Configuring EzOPC
Following installation, configure the communication parameters and the components present in your system. EzOPC provides a handy configuration dialog for this purpose.

Using EzOPC

  1. Controlling simulated circuits in FluidSIM® (version 3.6 and higher) via an external PLC.
    Wire the PLC with EasyPort and connect the EasyPort to the PC. EzOPC automatically detects EasyPorts which are connected to the PC. Start FluidSIM®, open the desired circuit and activate OPC®  communication in FluidSIM®. Graphically connect the components FluidSIM® IN and FluidSIM® OUT to the corresponding EasyPort ports. EzOPC is starts automatically as soon as you switch to Simulation. Communication takes place when the PLC program is started.
  2. PLC controls process model in CIROS® via EasyPort
  3. PLCSIM controls process model in CIROS®
  4. FluidSIM® controls process model in CIROS®
  5. Codesys® controller controls process model in CIROS®

More information

EzOPC-Setup V5.8