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LicenseReporter Download

With "LicenseReporter", we offer a tool that allows you to capture all your licensing information.

It lists all recognizable licenses of our software. For online licenses the current license supply is verified via an Internet read access.
All discoverable license connectors on your network are evaluated and for locally attached license keys the content are created (RTC/WibuCmRaC).

Best you start the LicenseReporter on a PC holding software of Festo Didactic. Running it with administrative privileges provides more data.

The program does not modify your computer in any way – except one key in the Registry.

The information about your organization and person are optional, but help us very much to support you best. We need only your eMail address mandatorily, so we can contact you for further information or license modifications. Data is used only to satisfy your orders and will not be forwarded to third parties.

You can send the data to Festo Didactic either to the server by pressing the "Send" button or you send it as email attachment to your contact at Festo Didactic. Only the mentioned file is sent. You can check the data in any case, before you save or send anything.


CodeMeter license gateway Link


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