WK2205 error processing the RTU


Processing a license modification file (RTU) for WibuKey the error WK2205 comes up.

WibuKey license connectors contain a counter, which is increased at any change of data. At the beginning, the softwares checks the counter for the right value. The error WK2205 occurs, if the counter value is wrong.

WK2205 Counter error.gif

This can have basically two reasons:

  1. Often the RTU file is used more than once. But if the license modification took already place, the counter has a higher value than required for this RTU. You can thus use a RTU file exactly a single time successfully, afterwards it should be deleted.
    Please check in this case the content of your license connector and asssure, that the status fits the desired state. Open the application or read the manual.

  2. If you have ordered in course of time several license modifications, but missed to apply one of it, the counter is too low. In this case, we'd like to send you the missing RTU file on request.
    Simplest we can help you, if you create a content file of the WibuKey and send it to us. Please check also the manual for details. Send this file to the  . This allows us to check your situation and enables us to create a new RTU file according to the correct counter value, if required.