What license types are available?


There are three license variants available:

  1. Product activation (local license, similar to Windows activation)
    During installation, enter your individual product ID. After activation via a license key, the license is permanently bound to this one computer.
    This license key is created for each computer configuration individually and sent during activation. If you want to transfer the license to a different PC later, you can uninstall FluidSIM and release the license again with the up-commiming deactivation. For this variant, you only need an Internet connection at the (de-) installation time only. Alternatively, you can request the activation key by telephone. This service number is displayed during the setup.
    Local licenses may be endangered by changes to the computer, computer exchange, or the re-installation of Windows.

  2. USB license connector (network license, "floating license")
    The license connector can be connected locally or to a server in the network. You can install the software as often as you like and start it on the PCs as often as appropriate licenses are programmed on the connector.
    We recommend this licensing variant with more than two or three licenses and if you would like to use FluidSIM on different PCs.
    Wired networks should preferably be used, since interruptions often occur in WLAN networks, which can interfere with the license connection.
    In principle, only one license connector is needed, since it can hold a large number of licenses. However, connectors can also be configured as single-license connectors for flexible licensing, e.g. In the home office

  3. Remote License (Internet Cloud)
    This new license variant for FluidSIM works in principle like the floating license with USB connector. You can use them on any PC up to the maximum license number. However, licensing is not done on the local network, but via the Internet. Therefore, a permanent Internet connection is required during the runtime of FluidSIM. This licensing is recommended if FluidSIM is run on different PCs at different locations.
    Via a management tool, e.g. a teacher can manage password-protected accesses to allow a number of students to use FluidSIM for a limited period of time.

    A subgroup of this license is the HomeUse license, which is designed as an exercise license for learners. There are restrictions regarding network licensing
    The test or student license belongs also to the group of remote licenses.