How to use the WibuKey network monitor?


What is the WibuKey Network Monitor (WkSvMon)?

WibuKey Network Monitor (WkSvMon) is the most important tool for managing WibuKey licenses in a network environment. From any attendant computer, it is possible to check the licenses available on this computer, the number of users currently accessing the license server, as well as the start and duration of the respective user accesses.You can cancel users' license connections, as well as display many internal status information of the license server process.

How do I start this license monitor?

The license monitor is started by selecting "Start → All Programs → WibuKey → Network Monitor" or directly as the file "C:\Program Files (x86)\WibuKey\Bin\WkSvMon.exe".
Afterwards, the entire network is scanned for the licensing situation using the "Browse network" icon (upper left, turquoise magnifying glass).
This can also be pre-set by selecting the option "Browse network at startup" in the "Options" tab under "Options".You will now see the list of available license servers in the "Server view" and the sum of the usable licenses in a table. Once you select one of the license servers in the list on the left, the license status of this license server is displayed in the list. With the "Status" button at the bottom right, you can also display the status of this server on the client.

How can I manage users?

Select the menu item "User view" from the "View" tab. This will display all users with existing license connections. Here the usage data can be tracked and license connections can be cancelled.

This is usually the reason not to provide the monitor to student calculators.

Mobile use

You can copy the file WkSvMon.exe  to a USB stick or to a netdrive with authorized access. You can then use the license monitor on any computer with the WibuKey driver installed.