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During the years, different licensing methods for the software of Festo Didactic evolved.

In principle you have to distinguish between local licenses and network licenses.

Local licenses are installed fix on a computer, the license is bound to the properties of the machine and activated via Internet. Thus you can install the software only on as many computers as you have purchased licenses.
This license type is suitable best for laptops or computers without network access. The management of licenses is much more challenging with increasing number of licenses.

Network licenses are accessed through network connections. A network in the sense of licensing can consist of a hub with a few computers, but also a network of cross-countries.
With this type of licensing the license is requested only with the program start. You can install the software on unlimited number of computers, but only use it on so many computers at the same time, as you have got licenses ("Concurrent use").
The licensing is implemented via license connectors ("dongle").

In the medium-term, also licenses without dongle will be available using CodeMeter technology. (Stand 1 /'17).



Entries found: 6