The software does not start (Error 38)(FAQ / CM)


Starting a software the error code 38 comes up and the software stops.

This error occurs, if the CmContainer was partly blocked by a special counter.
This blockage occurs automatically and can be caused by different reasons:

  • Our protection system has recognized a debugger, accessing the crypted software. In this case the counter is set to a specific value because of savety reasons. After repeated  occurrences this may result in the blockage.

  • The CodeMeter stands on the blacklist and was thus suspended. This happens on a regular base with lost CodeMeters.
To make the software running again, the counter must be reset in any case. This can be done by Festo Didactic Germany only, because only there the reprogramming of the license data is authorized. Please create a CmDust file and address by email to the with this file attached.