Update operating system

To update the operating system and the firmware of Robotino®, please proceed as follows.

Preperation: Please, save all programs of your Robotino®.

1. Download the current image of the operating system and the firmware.

Image Version 1.2.4

2. Copy the image to directory boot on the USB stick, which was delivered to you along with your Robotino®.

3. Plug the USB stick into a free USB port of Robotino®.

4. Connect a monitor to the VGA output of Robotino®.

5. Connect a keyboard to an available USB port of Robotino®.

6. Start Robotino® while pressing the F7 key for the Premium Edition or the F11 key for the Basic Edition.

7. In the dialog "Please select boot device" use the arrow keys to select the third entry displaying the type of your USB stick to boot from and press Enter.

8. Confirm booting from the USB stick by pressing Enter.

9. After booting, enter the number of the new image copied to the USB stick and press Enter. Afterwards, confirm the installation with the y key and Enter.

10. At the end of the installation Robotino® is switched off automatically.

11. Note that after updating the operating system the network settings are changed. After the installation Robotino® starts an access point using network name Robotino3AP and password robotino3ap. Pressing the reset button these network settings are also restored as default settings. To set the network settings to the factory defaults, connect your PC / Notebook via WiFi to Robotino®, use Putty to login as administrator and run the program called robotinosetup. Enter the numbers for the network name given on the rating plate (e.g. 300.123). Thus, the default network settings are set to the delivery status. Please, restart Robotino® to activate the network settings.

12. Optional: Connect via Wi-Fi to your PC / Notebook to Robotino® and open the web interface. On page Network in section wlan0 you are able to adjust your individual network settings.