Robotino® View

Robotino® View is the interactive, graphic programming environment for Robotino®.

Control programs for the Robotino® can be created and executed with the help of Robotino® View.


A selection of the most important functions included with Robotino® View:

  • Sequencing programs are displayed as GRAFCETs
  • Simultaneous control of more than one Robotino®
  • Representation of hardware components as function blocks
    Motors, I/Os, sensors, camera, odometry, gripper, manipulator, power output, shaft encoder input
  • Function block for image processing:
    line detector, colour range search, marker detection
  • Function blocks for navigation:
    position navigator, distance navigator, obstacle avoidance
  • Function blocks for data exchange:
    UDP, TCP/IP client/server, OPC
  • Download and start Robotino® View programs directly at Robotino®
  • Creation and integration of individualised function blocks in C++
  • User interface and user help in German, English, Spanish and French



The current setup file for version 3 of Robotino® View is available here:

Setup Robotino® View 3

For Robotino® versions up to 2013, use the following setup file for version 2.8.4 of Robotino® View:

Setup Robotino® View 2.8.4