Opto-electronic sensors



Various surfaces and colours can be detected by the two included opto-electronic sensors (so-called diffuse light sensors) on the basis of varying degrees of reflectivity. The sensors can thus be used to guide the Robotino® along a defined path, or to accurately stop it at a specified position.



Assembly and connection

Installation of the opto-electronic sensors is described in the manual:



The opto-electronic sensors are evaluated via a digital input at the I/O interface.


Flexible fibre-optic cables are connected to the fibre-optic unit of the opto-electronic sensor. The fibre-optic unit works with visible red light. Reflected light is detected. Different surfaces and colours result in varying degrees of reflectivity. However, a gradual change in the amount of reflected light cannot be detected.

Technical documentation

The scope of delivery includes two opto-electronic sensors SOEG-L-Q30-P-A-K-2L (fibre-optic unit) supplied by Festo.

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