The Robotino® has a gyroscope which is used to increase the accuracy of position sensing. The gyroscope determines changes to the orientation of the Robotino® to this end.




The gyroscope is activated on delivery.

Assembly and connection

The gyroscope is mounted on, and connected to, the controller PCB in the control unit.


A soon as the operating system of the Robotino® detects the gyroscope, its signals are used to correct the position detection based on the drive system (odometry). No user programming is required.


Gyroscopes measure angular velocity on the basis of angular-momentum conservation. If an attempt is made to turn a rotating object around an axis other than the one around which it is already rotating, the object exerts an opposing torque against this movement, thus ensuring that total angular momentum remains unchanged. The forces generated by this torque are measured in the gyroscope at its suspension mounts. Since mechanical gyroscopes are too large, heavy and vulnerable, digital gyroscopes have been developed in recent years that are no larger than a one-euro coin yet are extremely accurate.

Technical documentation

A gyroscope MPU-6000 supplied by InvenSense is used in the Robotino®.

Product Specification