Distance sensors



Infrared distance sensors make it possible to determine the distance of objects within the immediate surroundings of the Robotino®. The Robotino® is equipped with a total of nine infrared sensors arranged around its base at an angle of 40° to each other.

Each distance sensor reads out a voltage level whose value depends on the distance to a reflective object.


The distance sensors are always active.

Assembly and connection

The distance sensors are attached to the bottom of the chassis and are connected to the power electronics PCB. Three groups of three sensors each are connected to a ribbon cable.


Infrared distance sensors allow precise or relative distance measurements to objects between 4 and 30 cm away. They are distinguished by their easy connection which involves just power supply and one output signal. Their electronic evaluation unit measures the distance and reads it out as an analogue voltage signal.

The following figure illustrates the dependency of the voltage value of a distance sensor on the distance to a reflective object.


Technical documentation

The distance sensor GP2Y0A41SK0F is manufactured by Sharp.

Data Sheet