The bumper on the Robotino® ensures that program execution, and thus motion as well, is stopped in the event of a collision.




Interruption of program execution when the bumper is switched can be deactivated via the Robotino® web interface. This safety function is activated as a default value.

Assembly and connection

The bumper is attached to the bottom edge of the chassis of the Robotino® and is connected to the power electronics PCB.


The Robotino® collision safety sensor is a so-called pressure sensitive bumper. This safety bumper consists of a plastic profile of varied shape with an integrated switching chamber. The switching chamber encloses two conductive surfaces which are separated from each other. These surfaces are short circuited when pressure is applied to the bumper, and a signal is generated and transmitted to the evaluation unit. The safety bumper used on the Robotino® functions in accordance with the quiescent current principle, so that wire breaks are detected and the Robotino® can be stopped. Quiescent current is an electrical current which flows through a circuit, even when it’s not active. If this current is interrupted, either a wire has been broken or the safety bumper has been damaged.

Technical documentation

The safety bumper SK EKS011 is supplied by Mayser GmbH & Co. KG.

Data Sheet (German only)