Washington State University, Vancouver/Wash.


Washington State University, Vancouver/Wash.

Experience Virtual classroom:

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System solution:
MPS Stations Distribution, Testing, Processing, Robotic handling.

Manufacturing Engineering  degree program ME 475:

  • Introductionto automation and automation equipment
  • Programmablelogic controller (PLC) technology
  • Sensorand actuator interfacing
  • HumanMachine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Robotprogramming
  • CNCprogramming

The Challenge:

  • Need toshare courses among campuses
  • WSU is amulti-campus system with campuses hundreds of miles apart
  • Need todeliver the program to BOEING employees in Seattle area

WHETS InteractiveTV System at WSU

  • Real time audio/videoconnection between campuses
  • Operator controlat each site
  • Interactive"virtual classroom"
  • Can connect toK-20 network of the State of Washington (= 32 community colleges and 6universities)

Distance Deliveryof ME 475

  • WHETS: Real timeaudio/video interactive environment between remote classrooms
  • The internet:Control channel between remote students and local hardware for real timeinteraction with hardware

Dr. Hakan Gurocak
Washington State University Vancouver
Email: hgurocak@vancouver.wsu.edu