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New program, new technology, new opportunities!

Virginia Western Community College is proud to introduce a new state-of-the-art program, Advanced Technologies in Mechatronics (ATM).

The program can be applied toward an AAS degree, including dual enrollment opportunities for students still in high school with possible credit transfer to a four year institution. The program challenges students with hands-on experience and training in basic and advanced concepts of the electrical/mechanical engineering technology field.

Mechantronics is the synergistic combination of precision mechanical engineering, electronic control, and systems thinking in the design of products and processes. Founded in the Japanese electronics industry in the late 1960’s, the concept has been adopted as the preferred approach to product design and manufacturing throughout Asia and much of Western Europe over the past 40 years.

Dan Horine, instructor of Automated Manufacturing, states, “Our new ATM program will give students access to new technology in our new $5 million renovated and expanded Advanced Technology building equipped with more than $1.5 million of state-of-the-art engineering and advanced technology equipment". The program gives students a career they can rely upon in the future along with a guaranteed paycheck.

The college is excited about the new ATM program and the opportunity it offers students. Advanced Technology and Automated Manufacturing operate in a dynamic environment, and Virginia Western is dedicated to making sure the latest state-of-the-art opportunities are offered in their classrooms.

Beginning in fall 2008, Virginia Western’s Regional Academy for Advanced Technology opens to high school students in the area. A center for the study of engineering, advanced technology in mechatronics, and culinary arts, the program will enroll students from 11 high schools in eleventh- and twelfth-grade with creative, capable minds and a strong interest in technology and academics.

Vist the FESTO: Bionic Learning Network Web Site

For more information about the Advanced Technology program, call 540-857-7272. 

Dan Horine
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