University of Missouri-Columbia


University of Missouri-Columbia

Customer solution/system solution: 

16 MPS-stations:
2x MPS® Distribution Station
2x MPS® Testing Station
2x MPS® Processing Station
2x MPS® Handling Station
2x MPS® Buffer Station
2x MPS® Robot Station
2x MPS® Assembly Station
2x MPS® Sorting Station

16 PLC-boards:
8x Siemens 314
8x Allen Bradley ML 1500

FESTO services for the customer:

  • robot training
  • programming with COSIMIR Professional
  • plc training on Siemens S7
  • demo of COSIMIR PLC

Training aims:

  • electrical connection / electronics
  • advanced SPS programming at the process
  • basic exercises of the SPS programming of o mechanics
  • programming of robot
  • sensor technology
  • Interbus s
  • MPI
  • error tracing/maintenance
  • work on the project
  • Commissioning
  • Teamwork
  • Intermediation of connections of the computer aided manufacturing

Date of delivery:  2004
Institution: University of Missouri-Columbia
Contact person: Noah D. Manring, Ph. D
City: Columbia, MO 65211
Country: USA
Tel: ++1 573 882-7539
Fax: ++1 573 884-5070