Institute of Vocational Technology, Suzhou Industrial Park


Institute of Vocational Technology, Suzhou Industrial Park

Suzhou Industrial Park Insitute of Vocational Technology is a brand-new higher vocational training institute initiated by Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong. By adapting the advanced "teaching factory" concept of Nanyang Polytechnic of Singapore, the institute is committed to training qualified skilled workers of continous competiveness. This is highly praised by Chinese and Singaporian officals and warmly acclaimed by society.

IVT has set up an integrated teaching environment in which the focus is on industrial project based practical training. It also attaches great importance to hands-on experience, English communication skills, quality consciousness and teamwork spirit, so as to enable its graduates to meet the needs of foreign investors for skilled workers.

IVT has imported advanced lab facilities and testing equipment from Germany, America and Japan, among wihcih Flexible Manufacturing System of Festo. The training centers are jointly built by Festo, Emerson, Charmilles and IVT to keep pace with state-of-the-art technologies.


  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Precision Engineering
  • Communications Technology

School System:

  • Two-year Higher Vocational Education (Full-time)
  • One-year Senior Skilled Workers Training (Full-time)
  • Senior Skilled Workers Training (Part-time)
  • Medium (short) Term Training (Full-time)
  • Medium (short) Term Training (Part-time)
  • Precision Engineering
  • Communications Technology

Training Centers:

  • Vocational Training Center
  • Festo Training Center
  • Emerson Training Center
  • Charmilles Training Center
  • MTS Training Center


Installation date:

Suzhou Industrial Park
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