Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María


Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Festo has undertaken the implementation of the laboratory of process control, an important step undertaken by the Technical University Federico Santa María, for the education of professionals in the fields of control. The implemented technology includes a compact workstation of process control, supervised by the system Scada, PLC and a screen, entirely connected via the communication network Profibus-DP.

Additionally the laboratory is starting competitions in the fields of electro-hydraulics, proportional electro-hydraulics, acquisition systems for information and software of design and simulation.


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Sr. José Llantén - Docente Ing. Electrónico
Sr. José López - Docente Ing. Eléctrico
Sr. German Hoerning - Jefe de Carrera Ing. Mecánica

Avda. Federico Santa María # 6090

Laboratorio de control programado
Laboratorio de control de procesos