Cégep Regional de Lanaudière College


Background Information
The Cégep régional de Lanaudière is a higher education institution founded in 1998. It includes three colleges located in Joliette, L’Assomption and Terrebonne, which provide college-level, pre-university or technical training to 5,000 students a year. The Cégep régional de Lanaudière in Terrebonne launched a new Industrial Electronics Technical program (243.C0) in 2008.

MPSR 210: 9-station MPSR, including the robot, a system with Allen-Bradley PLC model CompactLogix, network type Internet IP, and DeviceNet with a SCADA system InTouch. Locally adapted solution, along with wiring, programming and documentation.

Reason for success
The MPSR 210 – Mechatronics has a complete range of pneumatics, PLC technology and handling technology, just to name a few of its functions. This system is particularly suited to the areas of handling, PLC and robot technology due to its close industrial orientation.

Benefit for the customer
The combination of multiple MPSR stations offers training objectives for many levels of experience and different fields. The MPSR210 system contains all the components needed to realize a wide range of projects – giving the students at Cegep Regional de Lanaudiere College a free hand in creativity.