Sociedad de Paranaense Universidade Católica, Paraná


Sociedad de Paranaense Universidade Católica, Paraná

System solution:
Mechatronics, an integrated approach to Electrical, Mechanical and Computer Sciences is not only a new trade in Germany introduced in 1998, but also subject of discussions and research in industry and training institutions world-wide.

Many Universities have in the meantime introduced Mechatronics courses or even diplomas. One of the leading Universities in Brazil is the Catholic University of Paranà in Curitiba. Aiming at introducing a modern course on advanced manufacturing and Mechatronics, the University has selected Festo Brazil among many other equipment suppliers as a partner to design and deliver a modern and up-to-date system for training in these areas.

Festo Didactic Germany has then implemented and delivered the system, which consists of following parts:

  • Conveyor system for transfer of materials
  • Automatic Storage & Retrieval system
  • CNC Milling and Lathe Machines with Fanuc 0-series controllers
  • Robot feeding stations with Mitsubishi 6-axes robots
  • Assembly station using a SCARA robot from ADEPT with ADEPT Vision system for quality control
  • MIG welding stations with KOMAU robots integrated at site by Festo Brazil
  • CAD/CAM workstations with link to the system for program download
  • Industrial communication network based on Profibus and AS-i bus linking Festo IPC, Siemens and GE-Fanuc controllers with each-other and providing an efficient basis for sensor/actuator control (AS-i bus)
  • Software for Production Planing and Control (PPS)
  • SCADA software with control and process visualisation features.

This project is a joint venture of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Departments at PUC University. The first courses have already been run successfully .

Installation date:

Sociedad de Paranaense de Cultura Ponticia
Universidade Catolica do Parana
Rua Imaculada Conceicao
1155, Curitiba
Parana, Brasil