WAD wait
wait position (module) wait routine
wall attachment amplifier wall mounting
wall-attached jet element warehouse
warehousing warm up
warmed-up WARNING
warning light warranty
warranty washer
washer washer
waste heat waste management
waste water wastewater
watchdog water circulation cooling
water drop water drops
water free water gauge
water protection water separator
water trap water treatment
water with reduced surface tension waterproof
watt wave
wave wave guide
wavelength way bill
way of identification way valve
wear wear
wear (out) wear rate
wear resistant wear resistant
wear-reducing wear-resistant
wearing part wearing parts kit
web-based training wedge
weight weight load
weighted weld
weld weldable
welded welding field immune
welding field resistant design welding machine
welding piece welding tong
welding-splash-proof wet-bulb temperature
WG wheel printer
wheeled drawer unit for equipment sets, 3 drawers when combined with
whisker whisker actuator
whisker valve wick lubricator
wick sleeve wide
wide area network (WAN) widely spaced
width width
width width across flats
width dimension width of base
width of cam width of chip clearance
width of material wind up
wind up wind-up time
winding window
window shield windup
wing nut WinTutorial - multimedia guided teaching and learning project
wipe off wiper
wiper wiper
wiper (seal) wiper current
wiper seal wiper seal
wiper seal wire
wire wire
wire wire
wire break wire brush
wire cross section wire cup brush
wire end wire end sleeve
wire frame model wire insulation
wire link wire mesh
wire nail wire resistor
wire-frame model wire-wound resistor
wiring wiring
wiring wiring
wiring allocation wiring box
wiring diagram wiring diagram
wiring system with 10 digits
with backup battery with cable
with connector with contact
with correct sign with detent
with detent with detent
with five pins with flow control
with indicator with key
with label with lock
with manual control with mechanical detent
with metal housing with screwed contacts
with spring return with switch-off delay
with switch-on delay with thread
with three steps with torsion spring bearing
with/without mounting attachment within
without destruction without dimensions
without driver without extra charge
without gaps without memory function
without significance without spring
without tension without unauthorised modifications
withstand voltage Withworth pipe thread
witness point wooden box
woodruff key Woodruff key
woodworking machine word by word
word division word length
word number word operand
word organised word organized
word oriented word oriented
word processing word processing
word width work
work work file
work flow work instruction
work load work output
work piece work range
work space work state
workbook working committee
working component working cycle
working cylinder working distance
working energy working environment
working fixture working force
working line working line
working load working material
working material working medium
working movement working place
working port working pressure
working process working process
working range working space
working standard working stroke
working unit workload
workpiece workpiece insert
workpiece separation workpiece stress
workplace works council
works manager workshop
workstation workstation code
workstation substructure, both sides, for mobile workstation workstation systems
worktable worm gear unit
worm thread worm wheel
worn out wrench
wrench flat write
write (into) write access
write error write in
write line write off
write out in full writing folder
writing length wrong