U rail UEA contact
ultimate consumer ultrasonic measuring system
ultrasonic proximity sensor ultrasonic reflective sensor
ultrasonics ultrasound
ultrasound unactuated
unaffected by contamination unalloyed
unassigned unavoidable
unbalance unbureaucratic
unclamp unclearness
uncoated uncompressed
unconditional unconditionally
uncontrolled movements of the connected actuators uncouple
uncouple uncouple
uncritical undefined switching states
undefined voltage states under limited conditions
under normal operating conditions under normal use and service
under pressure under-sized
underflow underground cable
underground laying underlap
underline character underload
underneath undervoltage
undervoltage identification undervoltage limit
undervoltage message undervoltage monitor
undisputed unducted
undulating current uneven
unfastening tool, pneumatics unfiltered
unfiltered unfinished part
unformatted unification
uniform uniform
unilateral uninterrupted
union fitting union nut
unique unique sales proposition
unique selling point unit
unit unit
unit unit area
unit of force unit of length
unit of measure unit of measurement
unit of power unit of quantity
unit of volume unit position
unit price unit separator character
unit separator character unit size
unit symbol unit under test
unit volume unite
units universal adapter
universal bracket universal connection unit
universal current universal cylinder
universal flange plate universal function card
universal I/O module universal locking
universal module universal motor
universal mounting Universal Serial Bus
Universal Serial Bus universal valve terminal
unlabelled unlimited
unlimited unloaded
unlock unlock
unlock unlocked
unlubricated unlubricated air
unlubricated air unlubricated operation
unmachined part unmistakable
unopened unplug
unpressurized unpressurized
unproblematic unproblematic
unreasonable unregulated
unrestricted unsaved
unscreened two-wire line unscrew
unscrew unstable
unsupported length unsupported span
unthrottled untouched
untrained unused
unused valve positions up to
up-and-down counter up-and-down counter
up-counter up-to-date
up/down counter update
update update
update update time
update training updated
updating updating
upgrade upper limit
upper part upper pressure limit
upstream upstream pressure
upward compatible upwards
upwards arrowhead urgent
urgent change usage
use use in large numbers
use of ... use up
useful load user
user user
user code user configuration
user data user documentation
user exchangeable user friendly
user instruction user instructions
user interface user interface
user interrupt user layer
user manual user manual
user manual user memory
user memory user memory interface
user oriented user program
user program user program section
user programmable user programmed
user software user's manual
user-friendliness user-friendly
user-specific using
USP usual operating temperature
utility program utilization
utilization utilization
utilization rate UV erasable
UV erase UV light
UV photocell