T quick connector T-adapter
T-connector T-connector BNC
T-distributor T-fitting
T-head bolt T-head nut
T-piece T-piece
T-slot gripper tab key
table table
table content table end
table entry table extension left or right
table groove table index
table leg table of contents
table plate table top
table top power supply tabletop power supply, with mains cable
tabular value tachometer
tachometer tachometer
tachometer generator take into account
take off take part
take place take-off point
taking in tamper proofing cap
tamper-proof tamper-proof cap
tandem cylinder tandem cylinder
tank tank
tap tap
tap hole tape
tape mark tape reader
tape recorder taper
taper tapered
tapered tapered head screw
tapered nut tapered pin
tapered roller tapped hole
tapping tapping
tapping box tapping drill
tapping machine tapping point
tapping screw tare weight
target target
target address target buffer
target group target price
target/actual comparison targeted
task task assessment
task block task change
task control block task independent
task specific task transfer
tax taxation
TC-tipped teaching aid
teaching and study material teaching and training aids
teaching and training materials teaching material
Team performance tear propagation strength
technical appendix technical book
technical book technical college
technical consultant technical consulting
technical data technical data
technical details technical documentation
technical information technical key word
technical literature and textbooks technical term
technical term technical working group
technically differentiated products technique
technology technology
technology and automation technology and society
technology field technology pattern
TechnologyCentre telecommunication
telecommunications system telephone computer
teleprint teleprocessing
telescopic cylinder telescopic measuring rod
telescopic packaging teletype
Teletype compatible Teletype interface
television principle temperature
temperature class temperature compensation
temperature conditions temperature control
temperature controlled temperature controller
temperature controller temperature curve
temperature degree Celsius temperature dependent
temperature difference temperature Fahrenheit
temperature fluctuation temperature influence
temperature measurement temperature of medium
temperature range temperature range
temperature rise temperature rise
temperature rise temperature sensitivity
temperature sensor temperature sensor
temperature shock temperature specification
temperature, flow and level control template
template temporary
tendency tender
tens tensile force
tensile load tensile strength
tensile stress tensile stress
tension tension compensation
tension spring tension-spring socket
tenth of a second term
terminal terminal
terminal terminal
terminal terminal
terminal terminal
terminal terminal
terminal allocation terminal allocation list
terminal block terminal board
terminal board terminal box
terminal box terminal connection
terminal connection cable terminal diagram
terminal equipment terminal identification code
terminal layout terminal lug
terminal marking terminal mat
terminal modification terminal plug
terminal plug terminal rivet
terminal socket terminal strip
terminal strip terminal strip
terminal strip terminal unit
terminal voltage terminal-independent
terminals and series resistors terminate
terminate terminate
terminating resistor termination criterion
termination point terminator
terms and conditions of sale terms of delivery
test test
test test
test test
test adapter test assembly
test assembly test box
test button test card
test certificate test certificate
test certificate test certificate
test certificate test chart
test device test device
test engineering test equipment
test field test lamp
test mode test needle
test note test objects, set of
test of significance test piece
test plan test plug
test possibility test pressure
test probe test procedure
test procedure test program
test purpose test record
test report test result
test routine test run
test run test sequence plan
test signal test socket
test socket test specification
test specimen test specimen
test specimen test symbol
test thoroughly testability
testable testing
testing clock frequency testing device
testing module testing station
text book text designation
text display text display editor
text editor text element
text memory text module
text strip textbook
textile fabric textile insert
textual the fascination of technology
The Festo Dictionary of Automation the history of automation
the same theme
THEN instruction THEN part
theory of distribution thermal class
thermal expansion thermal overload
thermal recovery period thermal relay
thermal stability thermistor
thermo cell thermodynamic
thermoelectric thermoelement
thermometer thermometer
thermoplastic thermostat
thermovoltage thick
thick-walled thickness
thin film thin-walled
thread thread
thread code thread cutting
thread depth thread for plug housing
thread lead thread locking agent
thread run-out thread sealing tape
thread strip thread tapping
thread type thread undercut
threaded threaded
threaded barrel threaded bolt
threaded bush threaded collar
threaded collar threaded connection
threaded connection plate threaded connector
threaded coupling threaded coupling
threaded fitting threaded flange
threaded hole threaded hole
threaded hollow rivet threaded insert
threaded lug threaded mounting
threaded nipple threaded nipple
threaded piece threaded pin
threaded pin threaded pin
threaded plug threaded port
threaded ring threaded ring
threaded rod threaded sleeve
threaded stud three cell
three decade three point regulator
three-channel three-dimensional
three-dimensional gantry three-level terminal
three-phase (alternating) current three-phase AC
three-phase bridge three-phase current supply
three-phase generator three-phase motor
three-phase system three-pin
three-point gripper three-point mounting ring
three-position valve three-way valve
threshold value threshold value comparator
threshold voltage throttle
throttle throttle cross section
throttle element throttle length
throttle plate throttle point
throttle slot throttle valve
throttling port through
through flow when not actuated through hole
through holes through piston rod
through, hollow piston rod through-beam sensor
through-beam sensor through-feed cover plate
through-hole through-hole
through-travel pressure through-way valve
throughput throughput sensor
thrust thrust bearing
thrust bolt thrust pin
thrust ring thrust ring
thumbscrew thyristor
tie rod tie rod
tie rod cylinder Tiger Classic
tight tight
tight tighten
tighten bolts in diagonally opposite sequence tightening bolt
tightening ring tightening torque
tightness tilt
tilting bolt lever tilting moment
tilting wedge time
time base time between failures
time constant time controlled
time critical time cycle
time delay time delay
time delay insert time delay module
time delay module time delay unit
time delay valve time delay valve
time dependant transition-condition time dependent
time dependent time dependent assignation condition
time extension time function
time interval time limited action
Time management time multiplex
time multiplex procedure time of pressure build-up
time range time range
time relay time relay, two-fold
time schedule time slot pattern
time specification time to repair
timed timeout control
timeout generation timer
timer timer
timer timer
timer timer box
timer function card timer preselection
timer preselection value timer running value
timer specification timer start
timer status timer unit
timer word timing
timing timing control
tin-plated title
title block title page
to ISO to sum up
TOC toggle actuator
toggle lever toggle lever
toggle lever actuator toggle lever clamp
toggle lever clamping system toggle lever clamping system
toggle lever design toggle lever switch
toggle lever valve toggle motion kit
toggle switch toggle switch
toggle switch tolerance
tolerance tolerance
tolerance tolerance
tolerance limit tolerance range
tolerance ring tommy screw
tool tool cupboard
tool designation tool holding fixture
tool kit tool manufacture
tool motion tool slider
toolbar tooth lock spring
tooth pitch tooth type
toothed belt axis toothed belt drive
toothed belt pulley toothed disc
toothed segment toothed spindle
top elements top mover
top part top priority
top side of housing top up
top up with oil top view
top view top-hat rail
top-mounted torque
torque torque
torque characteristic torque resistance
torque-free torsion angle
torsion spring torsion spring
torsional angle of rotation torsional backlash
torsional mass moment of inertia torsional rigidity
torsional strength torsionally rigid
torture chamber total
total block total coding
total costs total current
total current consumption total memory area
total memory contents total order
total output total pin allocation
total product range total programme
total reflection total stroke
total text total time consumption
total travel total view
touch touch screen
touch-sensitive keyboard touch-sensitive keypad
touchable town gas
trace trace back
traceability tracer
track roller trade
trade trade association
trade fair trade magazine
trade mark trade name
trade of electrician trademark
trademark trademark
trademark trademark
trading transaction trailing cable
trailing cable guide trailing edge
trailing edge train
trained trained personnel
trainee Trainer Package
training training
training aids training aim
training and demonstration equipment training book
training book series training content
training content training course
training course training device
training device training document
training documentation training documentation
training element training equipment
training example training facilities
training film training in pneumatics
training kit training kit
training kit training lesson
training medium training model
training module training package
training package training place
training program training programme
training schedule training structure
training system training system
training unit training unit
training unit training unit
training workshop training workstation
transducer transducer feeding instrument
transfer transfer
transfer transfer
transfer transfer
transfer transfer
transfer condition transfer job
transfer line transfer of control
transfer of electrical energy transfer of energy
transfer of ownership transfer of title
transfer option transfer parameter
transfer plate transfer posting
transfer unit transferable
transformation transformer
transformer transformer
transformer assembly transformer assembly plug
transformer blind plate transformer end plate
transformer location transformer station
transformer tank transformer unit
transient response transistor
transistor control element transistor output
transistor switch transistor testing
transistor type transition
transition designation transition from one step to another
transition function transition period
transition-condition translate
translation transmission
transmission belt transmission cable
transmission cycle transmission efficiency
transmission error transmission fault
transmission line transmission method
transmission path transmission protocol
transmission rate transmission repetition
transmission speed transmission time
transmit transmit
transmit transmit
transmitted data transmitted data negative
transmitted data positive transmitted signal
transmitter transmitter contact
transmitter contact negative transmitter contact positive
transmitting parameters transmitting unit
transparency transparency
transparency transparency
transparency bag transparent
transparent transparent cover
transparent design transparent model
transparent model transparent model oil dye
transparent models basic kit transparent models organizer for for transparent models, optional
transparent paper transparent planning sheet
transponder transport
transport box transport motion
transport stress transport system
transported goods transporting slide
transverse bore transverse clevis foot
transverse connection transverse force
transverse load transverse movement
transverse roll transverse travel
trapezoidal notch trapezoidal thread
trapezoidal threaded nut trapezoidal threaded spindle
trapped trapped fluid
travel travel
travel (distance) travel acceleration
travel data travel path
traversing pressure tray
treat treatment
triac triad
trial version triangle
triangular ring tribology
trickle charging current tried and tested
trigger trigger
trigger trigger
trigger circuit trigger input
trigger level trigger level
trigger point trigger track
triggering amplifier triggering method
triggering unit trimmer
trimming potentiometer triode
trip cam trip tray
triple triple mirror
tripod tripod kinematics
tripping current tripping pin
tripping pin dial trolley
trouble free trouble-free
troubleshooting troubleshooting
trough true to size
truncate trunnion
trunnion trunnion
trunnion trunnion flange
trunnion foot mounting trunnion mounting
trunnion mounting trunnion mounting
trunnion mounting trunnion mounting kit
trunnion support trunnion version
truth table truth table
truth table truth table
truth table truth value
TTL TTL technology
TTY connector TTY interface
TTY plug TTY-compatible
tube tube
tube tube assembling
tube bundle tube colour
tube connector tube coupling
tube fitting tube length
tube material tube piece
tube restrictor insert tube ring
tube support elbow tube tie
tubing tubing
tubing tubing
tubing area tubing bundle
tubing clip tubing connection
tubing core tubing coupling
tubing cutter tubing cutter
tubing facility tubing inner diameter
tubing line tubing O.D.
tubing outlet tubing scheme
tubing side tubing strap
tubing support tubular rivet
tune tuned
tuning apparatus tunnel
turbo compressor Turbo dust extraction
Turbo dust filter turn
turn turn around
turn off turn off
turn-key solution turn-on clearing pulse
turnable turnable
turnaround rate turning angle
Turning module turning moment
turning with detent turnkey
turnover turnover rate
turnover statistics turntable diameter
turntable diameter turpentine
tweezers twelve hours operation
twin axis configuration kit twin axis connecting kit
twin axis gantry twin axis support kit
twin cantilever axis kit twin cylinder
twin linear unit twin piston
twin piston drive twin slide unit
twin-axis cantilever kit twin-axis planar surface gantry
twin-piston pressure booster twin-piston rotary drive
twin-piston semi-rotary actuator twin-shaft screw compressor
twist twist
twist drill twisted pair cable
twisting profile two wire design
two-digit in hex form two-dimensional
two-edge triggered two-hand control
two-hand control block two-hand module
two-hand releasing two-hand safety block
two-hand safety control two-hand start unit
two-point level control system two-position valve
two-source mains supply two-source power supply
two-stage two-stage pump
two-step action controller two-way flow control
type type
type type
type code type code
type code type designation
type file type index
type list type number
type of actuation type of calculation
type of compressor type of construction
type of construction type of costs
type of module type of mounting
type of mounting type of processing
type of projection type of purchasing
type of signal type of transmission
type of valve actuation type series
type to be discontinued typical
typical typical of a function
typing error typing error