R-thread r.p.m.
r.p.m. regulation r.p.m. sensor
raceway raceway
rack rack
rack rack and pinion principle
rack mounting rack-and-pinion drive
radial air gap radial compressor
radial deflection radial eccentricity
radial force radial gripper
radial motor radial piston motor
radial play radian
radiant energy radiation intensity
radical radio and TV interference suppression
radio frequency radio frequency identification
radiographic examination radius
rail rail
raised head countersunk screw raised head screw
RAM card RAM cell
RAM compatibility RAM expansion
RAM front plate RAM interface
RAM memory card RAM memory module
RAM module RAM module
RAM program memory ramp
ramp adjustment ramp generator
ramp response ramp shaper
ramp time ramp time
ramp-down time ramp-up time
random access random sample
random-access memory range
range range
range of accessories range of amplitude
range of application range of application
range of applications range of capacity
range of control systems range of inversion
range of products range of rotation
range of saw blades range of values
Rankine temperature rapid lock bolt
rapid purging of vacuum rapid return
rapid traverse rapid traverse rate
rapid traverse setting ratchet
ratchet wheel ratchet wheel
rate of escape rated capacity
rated operating distance rated operation
rated output rated pressure
rated volume rating
rating rating
rating class rating plate
rating plate ratio
rationalisation rationalization of small workpiece feeding
raw material raw material
raw rubber RC
RC element RC phase shifter
re-adjust re-adjust
re-charge re-generated or altered
re-usable re-usable container
re-use re-work
re-work reach
reactance reaction time
reaction time reactivate
reactivate reactive power
reactivity Reactor station
read read
read (in) read access
read attempt read data
READ key read-only
read-only memory read-only memory
read-only program read-write head
read-write memory read/write
readable readable
readable readable memory
reader reader relay
reader relay negative reader relay positive
readiness to deliver reading
readjustment ready
READY flag ready for commissioning
ready for input ready for installation
ready for operation ready for operation
ready for output ready message
ready signal ready signal
ready status ready to install pneumatics
ready to receive ready to start
ready to transmit status ready-made device
ready-state delay ready-to-install
ready-to-receive status real switching distance
real value real-time
real-time clock real-time operation
real-time processing realize
ream rear
rear side rear side of diagram
rear side of housing rear swivel mounting
rear wall reason for change
reason for modification rebate
rebate rebate sander
rebating cutter rebating cutter with reversible tip
rebound effect recalculation
receipt receipt
receivables for goods receive amplifier
receive input received data
received-data register receiver
receiver receiver
receiver receiver circuit
receiver clock receiver clock
receiver current loop receiver loop
receiver loop negative receiver loop negative
receiver loop positive receiver loop positive
receiver module receiver nozzle
receiver nozzle receiver solenoid
receiver solenoid negative receiver solenoid positive
receiver station receiving hole
receiving inspection receiving of goods
receiving plate receptacle
reception reception
recess recess
recessed recessed area
rechargeable rechargeable battery
recharging recharging circuit
recipient reciprocal
reciprocal reciprocal drilling
reciprocal milling reciprocal trade
reciprocating diaphragm compressor reciprocating piston compressor
reciprocating slot mortice bit recirculated oil
recirculating ball bearing guide recirculating mid-position
recognition module recommend
recommend recommend
recommendation reconditioned component
reconfiguration reconfiguration
reconnect reconnect
reconstructable reconversion
reconverter recooler
record record
record record
record format record number
record sheet recording
recording recording beam
recording device records
recovery period recovery time
recovery time rectangle
rectangular rectangular
rectangular cylinder rectangular cylinder
rectangular design rectification
rectified rectifier
rectifier circuit recycling paper
reduce reduce
reduced outlets reduced price
reduced voltage reducer
reducer reducer
reducing reducing chuck
reducing connector reducing nipple
reducing piston reducing sleeve
reducing sleeve reduction
reduction reduction
reduction reduction component
reduction in air consumption reduction in costs
reduction of holding current reduction of working stroke
redundancy reed contact
reed principle reed relay
reed switch Reed switch
reed switch refer to
refer to manufacturer's specifications reference
reference reference data
reference dimension reference figure
reference flip-flop reference label
reference line reference list
reference material reference part
reference point reference pressure increase
reference range reference ring
reference sample reference sheet
reference sheet reference signal
reference signal reference switch
reference tension reference to standards
reference travel reference value
reference value reference value
reference value reference variable
reference variable reference voltage
referring to the cabinet refill
refill nipple refill piston
reflect reflected light
reflected-light method reflecting surface
reflection reflection mode
reflection principle reflective foil
reflector reflector foil
reflector range reflector type
reflector unit reflex light sensor
reflex light sensor reflex sensor
reflex sensor reflex sensor
reflex sensor reflex sensor linkage
refrigeration dryer refrigeration drying
refrigerator refund
refund regarding installation
regenerable region
regional office register
register initialisation register overview
registered design registered trademark
registering objects registration
regular(ly) regulate
regulated power supply regulating screw
regulating valve regulation
regulation regulation
regulations regulator
regulator head regulator insert
regulator lock regulator manifold
regulator plate regulator spring
regulator technology reimburse
reinforce reinforced piston rod
reinforcement reinforcing kit
reinforcing plate reject
reject reject bodies
reject housing reject part
rejects related to
relational operator relationship
relative air humidity relative pressure
relaxation behaviour relay
relay relay armature
relay circuit relay coil
relay contact relay outputs
relay plate relay self-latching
relay slice relay technology
relay, three-fold release
release release
release release
release release
release release
release (date) release date
release piston release pressure
release signal release tool
releasing element releasing ring
releasing tool relevant
relevant for flow rate relevant national regulations
reliability reliability
reliability reliability
reliability in operation reliability of electrical contact
reliable reliable
reliable in operation reliable operation
relief groove relief hose
relief passage relief port
relief slot relief valve
relieving mid-position reload
relocatable relocate
relubrication remainder
remainder remaining pressure deformation
remanence remanence relay
remanent remedial action
remedy remedy
remedy remedy
remote remote access
remote actuation remote bus
remote control remote control
remote control remote control connection
remote controlled remote controlled
remote data transmission remote diagnosis
remote execution remote feed control
remote operation remote pressure control
remote start remote start
remote station remote stop
remote triggered removable
removable removable
removal removal fork
removal jaws remove
remove remove
remove remove
remove remove short circuit
remove the sheathing (from) rename
renumber repainting
repair repair
repair repair service
repair time repeat function
repeat order repeater
repeater repeater control signal
repetition accuracy repetition accuracy of switching point
repetition counter repetition period
replace replace
replace (by) replaced
replacement replacement
replacement part replacement type
replacement type replacement when stocks are used up
report report
reposition reposition
represent representability
representable by machine representation
representation by channel representation standard
representative representative
reprint reprint
reprocessing reproducibility
reproducible reprogrammable
repulsion request
request request
request request
request for quotation request to send
request to send (RTS) required
required precision required tolerance
requirement requirement appraisal and planning
requirements requirements
requirements requirements
requirements planning requiring regular service
research research
reservation text reserve
reserve reserved address area
reserves reservoir
reservoir reservoir
reservoir reservoir
reservoir filling device reservoir lid
reservoir return connection reset
reset reset
reset reset
reset reset
reset reset
reset reset
reset reset button
reset button reset button
reset command reset command
reset connection reset function
reset hysteresis reset input
reset key reset lock
reset lock reset method
reset method reset module
reset outputs reset point
reset pressure reset process
reset pulse reset signal
RESET signal reset signal
reset spring reset time
resetter resetting
resetting force resetting pressure
residual current residual energy
residual oil content residual pressure
residual ripple residual risk
residual voltage residue
resin resistance
resistance table resistance thermometer
resistance to ageing resistance to bending
resistance to interference resistance to leakage current
resistance to shocks resistance to wear
resistance torque resistance value
resistance welder resistant (to)
resistant to mineral oil resistant to sustained short circuit
resistant to vibrations resistor
resitex resolution
resolution power resolver cable
resonant capacitor circuit resonant circuit
resource resources
resplendent respond
response characteristics response current
response delay response delay
response delayed response force
response lag response pressure
response pressure response sensitivity
response threshold response time
response time response time
response time response time
response time response tolerance
response travel responsibility
rest rest
rest position restart
restart restart
restart restrain
restricted passage restriction
restriction restriction
restriction in the supply line restriction section
restrictor restrictor
restrictor insert result
resultant current retail price
retail purchaser retainer
retainer retainer
retainer set retaining bar
retaining clamp retaining clamp
retaining clip retaining clip
retaining clip retaining frame
retaining nut retaining plate
retaining plate retaining plate
retaining ring retaining ring
retaining screw retaining screw
retaining strip retaining washer
retarder retention
retention force retention of ownership
retention period retentive
retentive retentive operands
retighten retooled
retooling time retract
retract retract spring
retractable retracted
retracted position retracting cable
retracting speed retranslate
retranslation retrieve
retro-reflective sensor retro-reflective sensor
retrofit retrofit kit
return return
return return
return return
return return
return address return address
return address RETURN command
return delivery return flow
return flow return flow line
return force return force of the solenoid
return goods return goods
RETURN key return line
return line return line pressure
return motion return motion
return movement return parameter
return port return speed
return spring return spring
return spring return stroke
return stroke movement return time
returns revenue stamp
reversal reversal
reversal accuracy reversal control
reversal error reversal of direction
reverse reverse
reverse reverse
reverse reverse
reverse (the polarity) reverse bending stress
reverse current reverse direction
reverse jump reverse polarity protected
reverse polarity protection reverse side
reverse stroke reverse valve
reverse voltage reversed
reversibility reversible
reversible reversible
reversing reversing
reversing (the direction of rotation) reversing contactor
reversing contactor circuit reversing contactor pair
reversing flap reversing load
reversing plate reversing pulse
reversing valve review
review revised
revision revision level
revolution revolutions per minute
rewind rewind
rewire rework
rework RF
RFQ rheostat
ribbed suction cup ribbing
ribbon cable ribbon cable
right bracket right-angle clevis foot
right-angle clevis mounting right-angle gear unit
right-hand thread right-justified
rigid scraper (ring) rigidity
ring ring
ring binder ring binder
ring channel ring circuit
ring configuration ring line
ring magnet ring network
ring piece ring seal
ring seal ring sensor
ring sensor ripple
ripple voltage rise
rise rise of pressure
rise time rise time
riser pipe rising edge
rising edge rising edge detection
rising edge of a logical variable risk
risk reduction rivet
rivet rms value
robot robot interface box
robot programming and simulation software robot RV-2AJ
robot RV-2AJ, programming instructions robot RV-2AJ: Sub-base for mounting on a profile plate
robot station robot technology
robotics robotics
robust palm operated valve robust palm-operated valve
rocker cam rocker cam lever
rocker module rocker mounting
rod rod
rod bearing rod clevis
rod diameter rod end
rod end bearing rod eye
rod eye rod guide
rod guiding bush rod seal
rod wiper seal rodless
rodless cylinder rodless linear drive
RoHS-compliant ROI
roll roll in
rolled steel roller
roller bearing roller bearing
roller bearing guide roller burnish specification
roller burnished roller burnished groove
roller cage roller conveyor
roller guide roller guiding
roller lever roller lever
roller lever roller lever actuator
roller lever actuator roller lever kit
roller lever position roller lever stroke
roller lever valve roller lever valve
roller lever valve with idle return roller plunger
roller rocker roller spacing
roller swaged roller to the left
roller track roller version
rolling bellows rolling bellows cylinder
rolling bellows volume rolling diaphragm
rolling diaphragm volume rolling friction
ROM ROM memory
ROM module room temperature
ROOTS compressor ROS
rotameter rotary actuator
rotary actuator rotary connection
rotary control switch rotary cylinder
rotary disk rotary disk sander
rotary distributor rotary distributor
rotary distributor rotary drive
rotary drive series rotary drive system
rotary encoder rotary field
rotary function indicator rotary indexing machine
rotary indexing production rotary indexing table
rotary indexing table rotary indexing table
rotary indexing table module rotary indexing unit
rotary indexing work rotary knob
rotary module rotary motor
rotary piston compressor rotary pulse generator
rotary pump rotary push-in fitting
rotary push-in L-fitting rotary ring
rotary sander rotary selector
rotary shaft seal rotary slide valve
rotary switch rotary table
rotary table rotary table load
rotary table unit rotary unit
rotary vane rotary vane cylinder
rotary/linear transfer module rotary/linear unit
rotatable rotatable
rotatable rotatable connector
rotate rotate
rotated to the left rotated to the right
rotating indexing plate rotating plate
rotation rotation
rotation rotation
rotation angle rotational speed
rotative effect Rotex rotary eccentric sanding system
rotor rotor
rotor earth fault protection rotor starter
rough rough calculation
rough sanding rough vacuum
rough value rough(ly)
roughing disc roughness
round round cell
round cylinder round flange
round head screw round material
round nut round off
round plug round plug connector
round ribbon cable connection round switch
round up round-cord ring
round-headed notched nail round-headed screw
rounded rounded
rounding error router
router table routine
routine operating costs routing
routing routing card
row row of modules
royalty RS flip-flop
RS valve rub-off transparency
rub-on transparency rubber
rubber rubber block
rubber buffer rubber bush
rubber cushion rubber diaphragm
rubber feet rubber foot
rubber hose rubber plate
rubber plug rubber polishing pad
rubber ring rubber seal
rubber vibrator rubber washer
rugosity rule
rule of thumb ruler
run run
run run
run RUN input
run status run time library
run up run-in roller
run-time rung
rung rung
rung runner
runner running
running accuracy running in ball bearings
running smoothness running up
running value runtime error
runtime performance