P connection P line
P module Pa
pack of 5 package
package insert packaging
packaging dimensions packaging label
packaging unit packaging unit quantity
packaging unit quantity packed
packing case packing gland
packing installation packing machine
packing of grease packing specifications
packing station padlock
page page header
page output page pointer
paging paid invoice
paint paint spraying equipment
paint-wetting impairment substances pair of change gears
pair of code letters pair of gears
paired paired tubing
paired, dual-screened cable PAL manifold strip
PAL mounting strip pallet
pallet table panel element
panel frame panel installation
panel mounted valve panel mounting
panel mounting panel mounting kit
panel mounting kit paper supply
paragraph parallel
parallel parallel branch
parallel bus parallel circuit
parallel connection parallel control
parallel counter parallel data transmission
parallel drive parallel equivalent circuit
parallel evaluation parallel gripper
parallel gripper parallel gripper module, complete
parallel gripping parallel guide
parallel guide stop parallel interface
parallel logic part parallel processing
parallel shift parallel transmission
parallel wiring parallel/serial converter
parameter parameter definition
parameter diskette parameter field
parameter specification parameter transfer
parameter word parameterisation
parameterisation data parameters
parent plant parentheses register
parenthesing parenthesis
parenthesis command parenthesis error
parenthesis level parenthesis operation
parenthesised instruction parenthesized expression
parenthesized instruction parenthesized operation
parenthesized value parity
parity bit parity bit
parity bit generation parity check
parity check parity memory
parity mode part
part part
part description part no.
part number part number
part of line part type
partial automation partial delivery
partial GRAFCET partial load
partial payment partial sum
participant participate
participation parts list
parts list parts list
parts on stock parts set
parts type pass
pass pass on
pass through passage
passage width passing contact
passing force passing travel
passive passive guide axis
passive intermediate position passive line
passive slave password
patent right path
path path
path path length
path-controlled pattern
pattern pause period
pause section pawl
pay slip payment
payment proposal PBB complement stack
PC PC loading cable
PCB PCB mounting
PE converter peak current
peak load peak load
peak load peak offstate voltage
peak power peak reverse voltage
peak value peak value
peak-to-valley height peculiar
pedal drive pedal switch
pedal valve PELV
pendulum jig saw pendulum protective cover
pendulum roller guide penstock valve
per perbunan
percentage percentage bearing area
perfect perforated disk
performance performance
performance performance
performance performance
performance center performance characteristic
performance curve performance diagram
performance diagram performance range
performance range performance rating
performance reduction performance test
performance unit performance unit
performance/weight ratio period
period period
period of validity period of validity
periodic peripheral address
peripheral bus peripheral device
peripheral equipment peripheral equipment
peripheral unit peripherals
peripherals overview periphery
permanent permanent
permanent permanent
permanent permanent current
permanent deformation permanent magnet
permanent magnet permanent magnetization
permanent volume permeable
permissible permissible variation
permission permit
permitted personnel
Personnel management petroleum based
PG threaded connector phase
phase (displacement) angle phase angle
phase angle control phase angle transducer
phase characteristic phase difference
phase displacement phase failure
phase lag phase lead
phase modifier phase modulation
phase reversal stage phase shift
phase shift keying phase-locked
phase-out management phase-out process
phase-out strategy Phillips screw
photo cell photocell
photocopier photodiode
photoelectric photoelectric
photoelectric cell photoelectric cell
photoelectric current photoelectric effect
photoelectron multiplier photographic sound recording
photographic/magnetic sound recording photometric
photoreceiver photoresistor
phototransistor phototransistor
phototransmitter phrase library
phrase library physical addressing
physical properties physical-technical
PI PicAlfa module
Pick & Place pick up
Pick&Place station pick-up power
pickled pickup time
pictogram PID control
PID controller pie chart
piecework pig iron desulpharization plant
piggy-back pilot actuated
pilot adapter pilot adjustment screw
pilot air pilot air duct
pilot air duct pilot air selector
pilot air supply pilot chamber
pilot circuit pilot control
pilot control pilot control port
pilot duct pilot exhaust
pilot exhaust air pilot exhaust air duct
pilot flow rate pilot interface
pilot line pilot line
pilot operated pilot port
pilot pressure pilot pressure
pilot pressure pilot pressure control
pilot pressure range pilot seat
pilot series pilot signal
pilot signal pilot solenoid coil
pilot solenoid valve pilot valve
pilot valve piloted
piloted non-return valve piloted version
pin pin
pin pin
pin adapter pin allocation
pin allocation pin allocation
pin allocation pin allocation
pin allocation pin allocations
pin assignment pin cable socket
pin cylinder pin cylinder
pin designation pin number
pin pulling cylinder pin row
pin spanner pin strip
pinch valve pinion
pinion shaft pintail
pipe pipe
pipe and tube cutter pipe and tubing cutter
pipe aperture pipe assembly
pipe bracket pipe clamp
pipe clip pipe connection
pipe connection pipe connection set
pipe coupling pipe coupling
pipe cutter pipe diameter
pipe layout pipe material
pipe narrowing pipe nut
pipe piece pipe set
pipe sinter pipe system
pipe thread pipeline
pipeline piping
piping piping connector
piping diagram piping network
pistol stock pistol switch
piston piston
piston accumulator piston area
piston cap piston compressor
piston cross-sectional area piston cylinder
piston diameter piston drive
piston engine piston force
piston force piston friction
piston guide piston guide ring
piston load piston lubrication
piston pallet piston part
piston pin piston play
piston position piston pump
piston regulator piston return spring
piston ring piston rod
piston rod piston rod
piston rod diameter piston rod movement
piston rod nut piston rod seal
piston rod speed piston rod volume
piston seal piston side
piston speed piston spool
piston spool valve piston stroke
piston stroke piston surface
piston travel area piston valve
piston washer piston-rod attachment
pitch pitch
pitch circle pitch circle-drilling pattern
pits pivot
pivot pivot
pivot mounting pivot piece
pivot pin pivot pin
pivot pin pivot pin
place place
place place
place place value
place-value notation system placeholder module
placing an order plain
plain bearing plain bearings
plain radial bearing plain-bearing guide
plain-text display plan
plan view plan year
planar mass moment of inertia planar surface gantry
plane plane
plane planer
planetary gear unit planetary gearing
planetary indexing unit planetary milling
planned independent requirements planning
planning planning and control process
planning and design phase planning aspects
planning costs planning engineer
planning period planning sheet
plant plant
plant ID plant management
plastic plastic
plastic binder plastic bowl
plastic case plastic case
plastic coated plastic coated
plastic coated alloy tube plastic coated metal tube
plastic coating plastic coating
plastic component plastic cylinder
plastic fabric plastic fitting
plastic foil plastic housing
plastic material plastic pad
plastic pipe plastic plate
plastic plate plastic plug
plastic ring binder plastic sleeve
plastic test specimen plastic tube
plastic tubing plastic tubing cutter
plastic tubing piece plastic version
plastics engineering plate
plate capacitor plate holder
plated-wire memory platform lift
plausibility check play
play play compensating
play compensation PLC
PLC board PLC controlled
PLC internal PLC manual
PLC manufacturer PLC memory
PLC programming language PLC safety
please note, that pleat
plexiglass plexiglass housing
pliers pliers
PLL plotter
plug plug
plug plug
plug plug
plug plug
plug base plug base
plug casing plug connection
plug connector plug connector
plug connector plug earth connection
plug housing plug pattern
plug point plug screw
plug screw plug selectable
plug selection plug set
plug socket plug socket
plug socket plug socket housing
plug socket with cable plug together
plug valve plug valve
plug vane plug with releasing clip
plug-in plug-in
plug-in adapter plug-in and go
plug-in assembly board plug-in board
plug-in board plug-in board
plug-in board plug-in board adapter
plug-in card plug-in card
plug-in component plug-in connection
plug-in coupling plug-in design
plug-in direction plug-in frame
plug-in location diagram plug-in module
plug-in module plug-in position
plug-in rack plug-in restrictor
plug-in screen plug-in unit
plug-in unit plug-in unit
plug-on plugboard
plugging plunge interlock
plunge saw plunger
plunger plunger
plunger coil plunger pin
plunger piston plunger tube
plunger valve PN
PN transition pneumatic
pneumatic pneumatic accessories
pneumatic actuation pneumatic actuator
pneumatic catalog(ue) pneumatic chuck
pneumatic chuck pneumatic circuit
pneumatic circuit symbol pneumatic clamp
pneumatic component pneumatic component
pneumatic connection pneumatic constant-rate motor
pneumatic contactor pneumatic cushioning
pneumatic cylinder pneumatic cylinder
pneumatic cylinder pneumatic directional control valve
pneumatic distributor pneumatic drive
pneumatic ejector pneumatic feed unit
pneumatic feed unit pneumatic flow
pneumatic interface pneumatic limit valve
pneumatic linear drive unit pneumatic manifold
pneumatic manifold line pneumatic manifold strip
pneumatic metal tubing pneumatic module
pneumatic multi-connector plate pneumatic multiple connector plate
pneumatic part pneumatic plastic tubing
pneumatic positioning system pneumatic power components
pneumatic product pneumatic proximity switch
pneumatic relay pneumatic reservoir
pneumatic service pneumatic signal
pneumatic signal pneumatic slide module
pneumatic spring pneumatic terminal
pneumatic terminal pneumatic terminal block
pneumatic tools pneumatic tube conveyor (system)
pneumatic valve pneumatic-electric
pneumatic-electrical converter pneumatic-hydraulic
pneumatic-mechanical pneumatically actuated
pneumatics pneumatics course
pneumatics course pneumatics product range
pneumatics specialist PneuPos
Pneutainer PNP
PNP logic PNP output
pocket pocket calculator
pocket display and control unit pocket display unit
pocket programmer pocket programmer
point at which the fingers grip the workpiece point of actuation
point of contact point of contact
point of reference point of support
point of usage point-to-point connection
point-to-point control point-to-point-positioning control
pointed nozzle pointer
pointer polar wheel angle
polarisation polarisation filter
polarisation filter polarise
polarised relay polarity
polarity polarity reversal
polarity switch polarity-safe
polarized relay pole
polished polishing sponge
pollution-free polyamide
polyester filler polyethylene
Polyethylene terephthalate polymer
polymer cylinder polymer cylinder
polymer cylinder polymer design
polymer material polymer optic cable
polymeric design polyurethane
polyurethane polyurethane foam
pond poor quality
poppet control poppet principle
poppet valve poppet valve
poppet valve poppet valve insert
poppet valve principle pore size
port port
port port
port assignment port at side
port configuration port diameter
port flow control with silencer port identification
port pattern port pattern
port pattern as per NAMUR port plate
port size port underneath
portable portable belt sander
portable circular saw portable router
portable tools ports underneath
position position
position position
position control position control
position control position control
position control loop position controller
position deviation position encoder
position encoder position encoder
position error position holder
position indication position indication
position indicator position lag
position marker position of connection
position retainer position sensing
position sensing position sensing method
position sensing option position sensor
position sensor position setpoint
position signal position specification
position-locking positional encoder
positional feedback positional notation
positional sensor positional sketch
positional sketch positional transducer
positional variation positioner
positioning positioning accuracy
positioning axis positioning control loop
positioning cylinder positioning device
positioning drive positioning element
positioning job positioning motion
positioning of axis positioning pressure
positioning program positioning program
positioning record positioning servo axis
positioning set positioning signal
positioning slide positioning slide
positioning stroke positioning system
positioning unit positive current input signal
positive current output signal positive going edge
positive locking positive switching
positive terminal positive voltage input signal
positive voltage output singal positive-locking
possibility possibility of regulating
possible combinations possible error number
post treatment postal code
poster poster
poster set posting
potassium hydroxide potential difference
potential energy potential equalisation
potential-free potentially explosive
potentiometer powdery
power power
power adaption power amplification
power card power circuit
power circuit power clamp
power compensation power component
power consumption power consumption
power contactor power control
power converter power costs
power current power dissipation
power electronics power engineering
power exponent power factor
power failure power failure
power failure power failure
power failure buffering power failure signal
power frequency transducer power generation
power increase power indicator
power limit power loss
power loss power mode
power module power of ten
power of two power output
power pack power pick-up
power rating power recovery
power regulator power regulator
power section power section
power socket power source
power specification power spectrum
power supply power supply
power supply power supply
power supply power supply
power supply power supply
power supply power supply connection
power supply indicator power supply line
power supply module power supply plug
power supply regulator power supply side
power supply socket power supply unit
power supply unit power supply unit
power supply unit power supply unit failure
power supply unit for mounting frame, with mains cable power supply unit shutdown
power switch power take-off
power take-off power take-off housing
power transducer power transmission
power transmission power transmission engineering
power units, special design power valve
powerful powerful
practical practical
practical practical example
practical example practical exercise
practical test model practical training model
practice practice-related
practician pre-assembled
pre-assembled pre-assembled
pre-bend pre-fitted
pre-load pressure pre-lubricate
pre-pressurise pre-production series
pre-stressing of spring pre-tabulate
pre-treatment preamplification
preassembled preassembly
precarious precipitate
precipitating precise
precise in position precisely fitting
precision precision adjustment
precision adjustment kit precision controllability
precision differential pressure switch precision flow control valve
precision flow control valve precision flow control valve
precision flow control valve adjustable in 1 direction precision mechanics
precision needle valve precision one-way flow control valve
precision parallel gripper precision plunge cutting
precision pressure precision pressure gauge
precision pressure regulator precision sliding unit
precision steel tube precision thread
precision-machined precondition
predeterminable predetermining adjustment screw
predetermining counter preferred operation direction
prefilter prefiltration
prefix prefix
prefix prefix key
preheater preliminary
preliminary warning preloaded
premises maintenance premises management
preparation preparation
preparation preparation inlet
preparation signal preparations for commissioning
prepare prepare
preselect preselect adjustment card
preselect attribute preselect memory
preselectable preselected value
preselection preselection button
preselection condition of operating mode preselection of operation mode
present value present-day
preset preset counter
preset program presetting
press press fitting
press in press-drawn section
press-fit bush press-fit contact
press-fitted connection pressure
pressure actuation pressure adjustment
pressure adjustment screw pressure amplification
pressure amplification factor pressure amplifier
pressure balance pressure booster
pressure build-up pressure build-up
pressure chamber pressure compensated
pressure compensation pressure compensation
pressure compensation hole pressure control
pressure control circuit pressure control valve
pressure controlled pressure controller
pressure dew point pressure diagram
pressure disc pressure drop
pressure drop pressure drop
pressure energy pressure equipment directive
pressure failure pressure failure
pressure failure monitoring pressure filter
pressure filter spare cartridge pressure filtering
pressure fluctuation pressure force
pressure free pressure gauge
pressure gauge pressure gauge connection
pressure gauge connection pressure gauge for panel mounting
pressure gauge kit pressure gauge oscillation
pressure gauge scale pressure gauge tube
pressure increase pressure indicating pin
pressure indication pressure indicator
pressure indicator pressure induced
pressure intensifier pressure isolating plate
pressure level pressure level
pressure limit pressure limitation
pressure limiting valve pressure line
pressure load pressure lump
pressure manifold pressure measurement
pressure medium pressure medium
pressure medium converter pressure medium reservoir
pressure medium temperature pressure oil
pressure output pressure parameter
pressure peak pressure pin
pressure pipe pressure plate
pressure range pressure recorder
pressure recovery pressure reducer
pressure reducer pressure reducing
pressure reducing valve pressure reducing valve
pressure reducing valve pressure reduction
pressure reduction pressure regulating valve
pressure regulation pressure regulation range
pressure regulator pressure regulator
pressure regulator pressure regulator
pressure regulator pressure regulator combination
pressure regulator plate pressure regulator valve with gauge
pressure relief pressure relief slot
pressure relief unit pressure relief valve
pressure relief valve pressure relief valve, piloted
pressure relieved pressure relievong hole
pressure reservoir pressure resistance
pressure resistant pressure reversal
pressure ring pressure ring
pressure rise pressure screw
pressure sensor pressure sensor
pressure sensor pressure sensor, analogue
pressure sequence actuator pressure sequence valve
pressure sequence valve pressure sequence valve
pressure sequence valve pressure setting range
pressure settling time pressure shut-off plate
pressure signal pressure source
pressure strength pressure supply
pressure supply pressure supply port
pressure surge pressure switch
pressure switch pressure switch
pressure switch pressure switching (reversal)
pressure system pressure tight
pressure transducer pressure transducer
pressure transducer pressure transmission
pressure transmission pressure transmission rate
pressure transmitter pressure unit
pressure variation pressure vs. force diagram
pressure zone pressure zone separation
pressure zone supply module pressure-centred
pressure-dependent pressure-proof encapsulation
pressure-relief valve pressureless
pressureless circulation pressurize
pressurize pressurized
pressurized chamber pressurizing
prevail preventive action
previous previous knowledge (required)
previous year PRG (programmer)
PRG configuration PRG interface
price price
price comparison price ex factory
price list price-to-performance ratio
primary battery primary circuit
primary coil primary mains voltage
primary pressure primary pressure
primary shaping primary throttling
prime contractor primed
primer surface principal current
principle of luminous reflectance print
print print parameter
print rate printed circuit
printed circuit board printed circuit board
printed circuit co-ordinate printed circuit contact side
printed conductor printed form
printed in italics printed on
printer printing
printout prior to commissioning
priority input priority loop
prism private study
probability problem
problem definition problem definition
problem description problem description
problem example problem oriented
problem oriented problem recognition
problem solution procedure
procedure procedure
procedure procedure
procedure body procedure declaration
process process
process process
process process
process process
process process (control) computer
process application Process automation
process automation process capability
process control process control
process control process control system
process data process data word
process engineering process engineering
process flowchart process image
process interfacing process materials
process monitoring process of action
process oriented process oriented
process owner process reliability
process sequence process signal
process simulation process valve
process variable process visualization
processable processed via abrasive blasting
processing processing
processing processing
processing centre processing cycle
processing data processing depth
processing element processing instruction
processing machine processing method
processing of modular products processing of the user program
processing operation processing program
processing station processing station
processing status processing step
processing technique processing time
processing time processing time
processing unit processor
processor change processor communications
processor inquiry processor interface
processor key processor module
processor number processor status
processor system processor technology
processors procuration
procurement procurement
procurement specifications Prod. No.
produce produce
producing plant product application
product approval product category
product characteristic product characteristics
product designation product development
product for in-house use product group
product group brochure product index
product information product labelling
product liability product life cycle
product management product master data
product master file Product overview
product range product range
product range (catalogue) product range category
product range extension product range overview
product range summary product release
product selection product specific
product specifications product usage
production production
production production according to order
production as per order production cell
production code production control
production control system production costs
production costs production data
production data acquisition production depth
production downtime production engineering
production expenditure production facilities
production facilities production increase
production length production line
production order production organization - planning projects
production part production planning
production planning system production plant
production plant production plant
production process production process
production program(me) production quantity
production range production reference
production report production site
production stage production time
production tolerances production unit
professional professional
professional journal professional school
profibus cable profibus-DP interface for valve terminal
profile profile
profile bar profile barrel
profile column profile connector
profile cutter profile cutter
profile cylinder profile cylinder barrel
profile foot for conveyor module profile material
profile mounting (attachment) profile plate
profile plate connector profile plate frame for inclined profile plate mount
profile rail profile rail
profile rod profile slot
profile surface profiled rail
profiled sealing ring profiled tube
program program
program program
program abort program adaption
program branch program call
program cam shaft program card
program carrier program change
program control program control unit
program control unit program cycle time
program design program design
program development program development
program directory program documentation
program drum program end
program error program example
program execution program execution
program file program filing
program flow program flowchart
program generation program input
program interrupt program library
program line program list
program logic program loop
program memory program modification
program module program module
program module number program name
program number program part
program printout program processing
program run program run time
program runtime program section
program security program selection
program sequence program sequence
program setting program shaft
program start program start
program status program step
program stop program structure
program structure program summary
program switch program table
program task change program test
program type program type
program(me) range rationalisation programmability
programmable programmable
programmable programmable controller
programmable controller with interchangeable memory programmable devices
programmable logic controller programmable valve terminal
programmable valve/sensor terminal programme
programmer programmer
programming programming + configuring
programming cable programming example
programming in function chart programming language
programming language programming library
programming method programming model
programming module programming option
programming plug programming problem
programming process programming software
programming technique programming tool
programming type programming unit
programming workstation progress bar
progress report project administration
project directory project engineering
Project management project name
project path project support
project tracking project work
projecting projecting
projection projection trolley
proload PROM
PROM expansion PROM memory
PROM programming service PROM programming unit
PROM resident PROM socket
promotional gift prompt
prompt prompting
prompting proof
proof against continuous short circuits proof against lamp loads
proof against water jets propagate
propagation rate proper
proper properly fitting
property property
proportion proportional
proportional (control) valve proportional 5/3-way valve
proportional action proportional amplification
proportional amplifier proportional control systems
proportional controller proportional directional control valve
proportional flow control valve proportional gain
proportional hydraulics proportional lubricator
proportional mist lubricator proportional pressure regulator
proportional pressure relief valve proportional pressure relief valve
proportional slide proportional solenoid
proportional solenoid proportional solenoid valve
proportional technology proportional valve
proportional valve driver proportional-pressure regulator
proportioning device proportioning pump
proposal proposed circuit design
prospective customer protect
protectable protected against incorrect polarity
protected against rotation protected against short circuits
protected plug protecting filter
protection protection
protection protection (against accidental contact)
protection according to protection against a pressure failure
protection against incorrect polarity protection against interferences
protection against rotation protection against torsion
protection circuit protection class
protection class protection devices
protection diode protection thyristor
protection thyristor protective bag
protective cap protective cardboard
protective casing protective casing
protective circuit protective circuit
protective circuit protective conduit
protective conduit connector protective conduit fitting
protective conduit threaded connector protective contact
protective contact socket protective cover
protective cover protective cover
protective cover protective crate
protective earth protective earth conductor
protective earth connection protective effect
protective extra-low voltage protective foil
protective function protective glass
protective grate protective ground
protective ground conductor choke protective grounded
protective grounding protective grounding
protective grounding cable protective grounding terminal
protective hood protective insulation
protective measures protective relay
protective sleeve protective trunking
protocol protocol layer
prototype prototype
protruding protruding
prove successful provide
provider providing
provision of material provisional
proximity position sensing proximity sensing
proximity sensor proximity sensor
proximity sensor proximity sensor
proximity switch proximity switch
proximity switch proximity switch
proximity switch, optical PSE
PSE instruction PSK
PTC PTC resistor
PTC thermistor PTFE
PTFE bronze material PTP control
pull pull button
pull current pull power
pull-down menu pull-in
pull-out torque pull-over torque
pulling pulling version
pulsating pulse
pulse pulse
pulse amplitude modulation pulse code modulation
pulse contracting element pulse control
pulse control unit pulse counter
pulse diagram pulse drive
pulse edge control pulse generating disc
pulse generator pulse generator
pulse input pulse length
pulse multiplication pulse oscillator
pulse output pulse rate
pulse rate pulse repetition frequency
pulse series pulse shaper
pulse signal pulse specification
pulse stretching element pulse timer
pulse train pulse train
pulse train pulse train
pulse width pulse-like
pulse/interval ratio pulse/no pulse ratio
pulse/pause ratio pulsed
pump delivery pump unit
pumping hour pumping power
pumping time punch
punch punch card reader
punch card reader module punch out
punched punched card
punched tape punched tape
punched tape code punched tape reader
punching station punching technique
punctuality purchase
purchase commitment purchased part
purchasing purchasing department
purge air purging air
purification package purification stage
purification technology purify
purpose purpose
purpose of checking push in
push to reset push-button actuator
push-button body push-button control
push-button for micro valve push-button insert
push-button label push-button valve
push-button valve push-button valve
push-button valve push-button valve
push-fit fitting push-in bulkhead connector
push-in bulkhead fitting push-in cap
push-in connector push-in connector
push-in connector, self-sealing push-in elbow connector
push-in elbow connector push-in element
push-in fitting push-in fitting
push-in fitting, long push-in fitting, rotatable
push-in fitting, self-sealing push-in L-connector
push-in L-connector push-in L-fitting
push-in L-fitting (long) push-in L-fitting, rotatable
push-in L-fitting, self-sealing push-in sleeve
push-in T-connector push-in T-fitting
push-in X-connector push-in Y-connector
push-in Y-fitting push-on flange
push-pull circuit push-pull connector
push-pull fitting CS push-pull output amplifier
pushbutton pushbutton
pushbutton pushbutton
pushbutton pushbutton
pushbutton pushbutton actuator
pushbutton keyboard pusher
pushing pushing
pushing, resetting pushroom pushbutton (actuator)
put inside putty cutter
PVC PVC cover
PVC fabric PVC outer cover
PVC sheathing PVC tubing
PX hose cutter