O-ring O.D.
object characteristics object code
object detection object number
objection objective
obligatory entry oblique
oblique stroke oblong hole
obsolescent model obsolescent type
OCCUPIED flag occupy
occurrence octal
octal code octal conversion
octal figure octal number
octal number system octal position
octal value odd
odd number OEM
OEM application OEM card frame
OEM customer OEM customer
OEM design OEM market
of different colour of different colour
of free choice of measured value
of outlet port of the device
OFF OFF period
OFF position off-center
off-centre off-set
off-state characteristic off-the-shelf
offer official dealer
offline offline programming
offset offset
offset error offset voltage
Ohm's law ohmic
ohmic load oil
oil (flow) rate oil adjusting screw
oil atomizer oil capacity
oil casing oil circuit
oil consumption oil drain plug
oil drain plug oil droplet
oil drops oil filling
oil filling tube oil groove
oil gun oil immersion
oil inlet oil level indicator
oil level ring oil mist
oil mist part oil mist particle
oil misting oil outlet
oil packing ring oil pressure supply
oil quantity oil rate
oil refill oil refill nipple
oil regulator oil removal filter
oil reservoir oil reservoir
oil resistant oil resistant
oil return oil return port
oil spray oil vapour adsorber
oil-free oil/water emulsion
omission omit
on a random (test) basis on approval
on customer request on customer request
on delivery on end face
on hand ON position
on request on site
on the spot diagnosis on top
on-line on-line mode
on-off valve on-off valve
ON-position on-site
on-state characteristic on-time delivery
on/off regulation one after the other
one-bit one-bit accu
one-bit accumulator one-bit exclusive OR function
one-bit executive instruction one-bit function unit
one-bit information one-bit instruction
one-bit memory one-bit operand
one-bit processor one-bit signal
one-hand angle sander one-hand operation
one-off production one-off production
one-shot insert one-shot valve
one-step one-way clutch
one-way flow control valve one-way flow control valve
one-way light barrier one-word memory
online programming only in combination with
open open
open and close the node open area
open circuit voltage open collector output
OPEN instruction open item
open system interconnection open- and closed-loop control
open-circuit monitoring open-ended cable
open-ended spanner open-loop control system
open-loop control technology opening
opening angle opening pressure
opening velocity operand
operand conversion operand error
operand part operate
operate operate
operate operate
operating area operating behaviour
operating clock frequency operating coil
operating component operating component
operating condition operating condition
operating conditions operating conditions
operating costs operating current
operating cycle operating cycle
operating cylinder operating distance
operating error operating expenses
operating hour counter operating instructions
operating instructions operating instructions
operating instructions operating lever
operating method operating module
operating note operating notes
operating panel operating path
operating piston operating position
operating position operating pressure
operating pressure operating pressure range
operating pressure range operating range
operating results operating section
operating sequence operating sequence
operating software operating speed
operating staff operating status
operating status operating system
operating temperature operating temperature
operating temperature operating time
operating time operating voltage
operating voltage operating voltage applied
operating voltage connection operating voltage failure
operating voltage not applied operating voltage supply
operation operation
operation operation
operation characteristic operation cycle
operation decoder operation diagram
operation error operation input
operation menu operation mode
operation mode operation mode menu
operation monitoring operation part
operation position operation possibility
operation safety operation sequence
operation sequence operational
operational operational
operational amplifier operational condition
operational control operational data
operational data operational diagram
operational earth operational error
operational field operational function
operational ground operational level
operational principle operational reliability
operational reliability operational reliability
operational safety operational safety
operational status display operational status indicator
operational status indicator operationally tested
operative malfunction operator
operator operator button
operator control element operator control element
operator package operator unit
operator unit opposite
opposite instruction opposite pulse
optical character reader optical display
optical fibre cable optical fibre network
optical proximity sensor optical sensor
optical-fibre for diffuse sensor optical-fibre for one-way light barrier
optical-fibre-connector optimum
option option
optional optional
optional optional clause
optional data optional regulation
optionally pre-assembled options
opto sensor opto-electronic
optocoupler OR
OR block OR branch
OR branch OR cascade
OR circuit OR condition
OR element OR function
OR gate OR module
OR operation OR valve
orbital sander order
order order
order code order code
order code order compilation
order confirmation order example
order no. order number
order options order processing
order proposal order separately
order separately order suffix
order supplement order-specific
ordering data ordering data
ordering manner ordering quantity
ordering table orders in hand
orders received ordinate
ordinate axis ORed
organization chart orientation inspection
orientation scanning orifice
orifice orifice
orifice orifice restrictor
orifice valve original component
original device original folder
original maintenance original status
original tubing originator of the job
oscillating circuit oscillating coil
oscillating motor oscillating movement
oscillation oscillation
oscillation oscillation attenuation
oscillation decay time oscillator
oscillator circuit oscillatory pause
oscilloscope otherwise
ousting competition out of phase
outdoor switchgear outer edge
outer sleeve outer slide
outflow outgoing goods
outlet outlet
outlet direction outlet line
outlet port outlet pressure
outlet pressure outlet slot
outline drawing outlook
output output
output output
output output
output output
output output address
output amplifier output amplitude
output assignment output block
output block output byte
output card output changeover
output channel output column
output component output current
output data output duct
output feedback output function card
output handler output information
output leakage current output level
output level output line
output linkage output location
output module output module
output module output module 4-fold
output NOT function output plate
output plug output plug-in card
output port output port
output presignal output pressure
output pulse output register
output register output section
output section output selector
output selector switch output semiconductor
output shaft output shaft
output signal output speed
output stage output stage
output stage output terminal
output terminal output torque
output transistor output unit
output unit output value
output variable output voltage
output voltage range output word
outside cylinder surface outside diameter
outside supplier outside temperature
outside tolerance outstanding
outward transfer oval piston
oval shape over-discharge
over-discharging over-temperature
overall dimensions overall dimensions
overall dimensions overall efficiency
overall length overall length
overall purchasing price of good overall stroke length
overall summary overall time measurement
overall tolerance overall toleranced
overall voltage overall width
overcurrent protection overcurrent sensor
overcurrent threshold overflow
overflow overflowing
overhead expenses overhead projector
overhead projector overhead projector
overhead projector pen overheads
overheat overheating
overlap overlap
overlap overlapping
overlapping signals overleaf
overlineable overload
overload overload
overload blocking pressure overload current
overload pilot pressure overload proof
overload protection overload protection
overload protection overload resistance
overload supply pressure overload-proof
overload-proof overloading
overloading overpayment
overpressure relief device override
overrun safety device overseas pallet
oversize oversizing
overstressing overtighten
overtravel overtravel
overtravel overtravel
overtravel overtravel
overtravel force overview
overview overview
overvoltage overvoltage discharger
overvoltage indication overvoltage safe
overwrite mode ovolo cutter
ovolo edge cutter OW
oxidation ozone