N channel N screen
n-multiple license n-multiple license (network licensing)
n-user license for local licensing n-user license for network licensing
N/C contact N/C contact
name name
name code name code
name plate NAMUR regulations
NAND element NAND gate
national company national currency
nationality identification symbol natural edge
natural frequency natural language
natural resonance NBR
NC NC contact
NC controlled NC reed switch
NC-machine NC-program
NC-record neck mounting
need needle bearing
needle bearing case needle bush
needle cage needle print head
needle roller needle valve
negate negated assignment
negation negative current input signal
negative going edge negative switching
negative switching negative terminal
negative voltage input signal negator
neglect negligible
nest nest
nest travel nesting
nesting depth nesting depth
nesting level nesting level
net net profit
network network
network network
network network
network access network diagram
network function card network interface
network processor network structure
network structure network system
network system network technology
network termination networked system
neutral conductor neutral point
neutral position neutral position
neutral position neutral position deviation
neutral-position leakage new contents
new installation new product
new product announcement new product management
new product notification new product release
new products sales arguments new-product development process
new-product development system new-product development system
news letter nickel
nickel coating nickel-plate
nickel-plated nickel-plated
nipple nipple plate
nipple set nipple strip
nitrile rubber nitrite rubber
nitrogen deburred NMOS
NO contact NO contact
no flow when not actuated NO function
no idling no operation
no servicing required no tie-down module
no undervoltage no-load
no-load torque no-load work
nobby tread node
node noise
noise noise
noise (generation) noise absorption
noise immunity noise immunity
noise level noise level
noise level noise level
noise measuring noise peak suppression
noise pollution noise reduction
noise-free noise-proof
noiseless nominal amount
nominal current nominal deviation
nominal diameter nominal diameter
nominal fee nominal flow rate
nominal force nominal frequency
nominal output speed nominal pick-up current
nominal pressure nominal pressure drop
nominal resistance nominal size
nominal size nominal size
nominal stroke nominal supply pressure
nominal switching distance nominal torque
nominal transient current nominal value
nominal value nominal value
nominal value nominal voltage
NOMINAL-ACTUAL comparison nominal/actual comparison
nomogram non-addressable
non-adhesive non-adjustable
non-alloyed non-binding recommended price
non-clocked control non-compliance
non-condensing non-conducting
non-contact inductive-magnetic proximity sensor non-contacting
non-continuous non-crossing
non-decimal non-destructive
non-detenting non-detenting
non-dimensioned non-electric
non-ferrous metal non-ferrous metal
non-Festo product non-floating design
non-flush non-flush fitting
non-flush fitting non-interchangeable
non-inverting non-language-specific
non-latching non-linearity
non-locking non-mover
non-ohmic non-operating expenses
non-overlapping non-perforated sandpaper
non-polluting non-profit
non-reflective non-remanent
non-retentive non-return
non-return collar non-return valve
non-return valve non-return valve delockable
non-reverse ratchet non-rotating
non-rotating non-rotating cylinder
non-rotating piston rod non-standard mounting components
non-stick non-ventilated
non-volatile non-volatile flag
non-volatile memory non-volatile memory properties
nonconductor NOP
NOP instruction NOP instruction
NOR NOR circuit
normal elbow piece normal end position
normal flow rate normal load
normal operation normal operation conditions
normal position normal position
normal position normal position
normal position normal position exhausted
normal pressure normal pressure range
normal product normal temperature
normal text normal use
normalisation normalization
normally closed normally closed
normally closed normally closed contact
normally closed contact normally closed contact
normally closed output normally closed position
normally closed valve normally exhausted
normally open normally open
normally open normally open
normally open contact normally open contact
normally open contact normally open position
nose button nose mounting
NOT not applicable
NOT circuit NOT circuit
not connected NOT element
not equal to not for
NOT function NOT gate element
NOT inhibition NOT module
NOT operation NOT operation
not permissible not specified
not switchable not within tolerance range
notation notch
notch notched pin
notched screw notched surface
notching relay notching tool
note note
note on materials notes on procedure
notice notice of defects
notice of modification noticeable resistance
nozzle nozzle cover
nozzle housing nozzle insert
nozzle needle nozzle needle spring
nozzle screw NPN
NPN design NPN logic
NPN output NPN transistor
NTC resistor NTC resistor
NTC sensor NTC thermistor
null character nullify
number number
number number
number number consecutively
number label number notation
number of cam rods number of cycles
number of cycles number of items
number of teeth number of tubes
number range number system
number system number window
numeral numeric
numeric character numeric key
numeric keypad numeric part
numeric value equation numerical code
numerical value numerically controlled
nut nut thread
nut with two holes nyltite seal