L connector L-push-in connector
lab power supply unit lab test
lab(oratory) trolley label
label label
label label
label label end
label strip labelling
labelling labelling
laboratory furniture laboratory workbench
labyrinth lack (of)
lack (of) lack of training
lacking ladder diagram
ladder diagram sequence laminar flow
laminar flow cartridge lamp
lamp load lamp power
lamp resistance LAN
landscape format language
language accessories language array
language change language file
language foil language scope
laptop large cylinder
large surface mounted silencer large-diameter cylinder
large-quantity products laser
laser background suppression sensor laser beam
laser diffuse sensor laser pointer
laser printer laser retro-reflective sensor
last in, first out latch
latch latch
latch latch strip
latched latched switch
latching latching circuit
latching circuit latching current
latching current path latching drive
latching flag latching function
latching regulator head latching relay
latching relay lateral
lateral lateral adapter
lateral connection lateral connection
lateral displacement lateral force
lateral load lateral moment
lateral runout lateral torque
latest latest alterations
lathe lathe
lathe control lathe surface
lattice crate launch
laval nozzle layer
layout layout
layout designation layout plan
LCD LCD monitor
LCD monitor LDR
LDR program lead
lead position lead screw (drive)
lead screw pitch lead screw spindle
lead screw spindle drive lead time
lead-acid storage battery lead-in bevel
lead-lag connection leadership culture
leading leading angle
leading chamfer leading contact
leading edge leaf spring
leak leak
leak leak out
leak test leak-free
leak-proof leak-proof
leak-testing spray leak-tight
leakage leakage
leakage leakage air
leakage compensation leakage current
leakage current leakage current
leakage current leakage detection spray
leakage flow leakage line
leakage line leakage loss
leakage oil leakage oil free
leakage oil line leakage path
leakage rate leakage rectification
leakage volume leaky
learning company learning sections
learning step learning system
learning time learnline
least significant least significant bit
LED LED display
LED display LED display
LED flashing LED illuminated
LED not illuminated left bracket
left end plate left-aligned
left-hand thread lefthand coil
leg leg spring
legend legend
legend panel length
length compensator length of input pulse
length symmetrical lengthy downtimes
lens lens
lens element less significant address
less than lesson structure
letter level
level level
level level
level control level control
level display level gauge limit switch
level indicator level monitoring
level of arrears level of awareness
level of condensation level of requirement
level sensing level sensor
level sensor level sensor
lever lever arm
lever deactivating mechanism lever locking mechanism
lever movement lever operation
lever rotation lever support
lever system lever system
lever turn Levin pattern drill
liabilities liability
library licence
licence licence connector
license agreement licensing
life lubrication LIFO
lift lift cylinder
lifting mechanism guide lifting module
lifting platform lifting suction cup
light light barrier
light barrier sensor light beam
light metal light oil
light pen light pen
light sanding light signal
light spot light switching
light up lightbeam
lightning current lightning protection measure
limit limit
limit monitor limit monitoring
limit signal limit stop
limit stop signal generator limit stop valve
limit switch limit switch
limit switch limit switch
limit switch limit switch
limit switch attachment limit switch enclosure
limit switch, electrical, left-actuated limit switch, electrical, right-actuated
limit value limit value class
limit valve limit valve
limit valve limit-signal generator
limitation limitation
limitation of the rotation angle limiter
limiting limiting stop
limiting temperature limiting value encoder
line line
line line by line
line change line connection
line current line diagram
line dimensioning line feed
line feed symbol line fitting
line for consuming devices line interrupt
line junction line length
line monitoring line number
line numbering line of development
line of movement line oriented
line overflow line pointer
line pressure line printer
line resistance line set-up
line termination line type
line voltage supply line-motion control
line-scan camera linear (handling) module
linear actuator linear axis
linear axis with ball screw linear axis with lead screw
linear ball bearing linear drive
linear drive unit linear drive with ball screw
linear drive with lead screw linear drive, pneumatic, with integrated position encoder
linear encoder linear gantry
linear guide linear module
linear motion linear motor
linear potentiometer, 200 mm stroke linear unit
linear/swivel clamp linearity
linen backing link
link link
link link
link link
link link (in)
link cam link plug
link response time link run time
linkage (of equipment) linked label
linking linking control
lip ring lip seal
liquid crystal liquid crystal display
liquid filter liquid volume
list list
list list as well
list field list of defects
list of illustrations list of operations
list of spare parts list of standards
listing listing point
lithium battery litre container
live load
load load
load load
load load
load load
load load capacity
load capacity per digital output load carrying ability
load cell load change
load change load command
load command load compensation
load current load data
load disconnector load factor
load factor load fluctuation
load format load into
load inverter (bracket) load limit
load power supply load pressure
load pressure difference load rating
load resistance load resistance
load resistance load sensitivity
load switch load the program
load torque load voltage
load voltage connection load voltage failure
load-free loadable
loading loading error
loading front loading gantry
loading of hoppers loading point
loading process loading project
loading project and selecting program loading station
loading time local bus
local control local controller
local diagnosis local displaying and operating
local I/Os local licence
local parameter field area local sales company
localisation locate
locating cylinder locating hole
locating hole locating lug
locating pin locating pin
locating pin locating specification
location location
location lock
lock lock
lock lock
lock lock
lock lock bolt
lock bolt lock code
lock detent lock nut
lock nut lock washer
lock-up relay lockable
locked locking
locking locking (clip)
locking agent locking agent
locking ball locking ball
locking blade locking bolt
locking bolt locking brake
locking button locking clip
locking clip locking component
locking compound locking compound
locking cone locking control system
locking device locking device
locking disk locking function
locking key switch locking kit
locking mechanism locking nut
locking nut locking nut
locking nut locking part
locking pawl locking pin
locking pin locking pin
locking plate locking regulator head
locking ring locking ring
locking ring locking ring
locking screw locking screw
locking screw locking screw
locking set locking wire
locknut log in
log on logging
logging logging device
logic 0 logic 0
logic 1 logic 1
logic addressing logic algebra
logic base-plate logic block
logic circuit logic circuit
logic circuit logic circuit
logic circuit diagram logic component
logic control system logic current generation
logic current supply logic detection
logic diagram logic element
logic element logic element
logic element logic family
logic function logic function
logic instruction logic instruction
logic level logic module
logic module logic module
logic one logic operation
logic operation logic operation
logic operation depth logic operation program
logic operation result logic power supply unit
logic power unit logic program
logic signal logic switching symbol
logic symbol logic symbol
logic system logic table
logic unit logic valve
logic voltage logic voltage supply
logic zero potential logic-oriented components
logic-oriented control tasks logical
logistic program logistics center
logotype logotype
long-delay timer long-stroke cylinder
long-stroke feed unit long-stroke gripper
long-term long-term capability
long-term programme long-term stability
long-term stress long-term test
longitudinal longitudinal axis
longitudinal axis of cylinder longitudinal feed stop
longitudinal flat slide valve longitudinal flat slide valve
longitudinal groove longitudinal groove
longitudinal moment longitudinal motion
longitudinal recess longitudinal ridge
longitudinal section longitudinal slide
longitudinal slide principle longitudinal slide valve
longitudinal transistor longitudinal travel
longitudinally variable loop
loop control loop end
loop resistance loosen
loosen loses its storage ability
loss loss of capacity
lot size low
low byte low consumption air gun
low friction low impedance
low pressure low pressure
low pressure component low temperature
low temperature flexibility low translucency
low vibrations low viscosity
low voltage low voltage directive
low voltage plug-and-socket assembly low wattage
low wattage coil low wattage solenoid valve
low-backlash low-cost
low-friction low-friction
low-friction low-friction cylinder
low-maintenance low-noise
low-order low-order bit
low-pass filter low-pressure amplifier
low-pressure amplifier actuator low-pressure component
low-pressure controller low-pressure converter
low-pressure converter low-pressure counter
low-pressure filter low-pressure filter regulator
low-pressure pneumatics low-pressure range
low-pressure regulator low-pressure signal
low-pressure signal converter low-pressure technology
low-pressure transducer low-price
low-speed lower
lower limit lower part
lower sump lower workpiece in assembly operation
lowering of the dew point lowest resolution
lozenge LSB
lubricant lubricant film
lubricant supply lubricants without additives
lubricate lubricate
lubricate lubricated air
lubricating additive lubricating gun with pointed nozzle
lubricating head lubricating oil
lubrication for life lubrication instructions
lubrication interval lubrication interval
lubrication nipple lubricator
lubricator lubricator
lubricator adapter lubricator attachment
lubricator bowl lubricator oil
lubricator operation range lubricator protective cover
lubricator-regulator-filter lug
lug lug
luminance luminescent
luminous intensity luminous sleeve
lump sum amount lump sum price
lupolen plug LV
LV cable LV cable rack
LV sub-distribution board LV transformer