I.D. I/I module
I/O I/O allocation
I/O bus I/O card
I/O command I/O connection
I/O contact allocation I/O control unit
I/O crimp contact I/O crimp plug
I/O crimp plug I/O current
I/O current supply I/O data cable
I/O data cable with SysLink connector (IEEE 488) on one end and wire sleeves on the other I/O data cable with SysLink connectors (IEEE 488) on both ends, crossover
I/O double coding I/O error loop
I/O error message loop I/O expansion
I/O extension I/O flashing program
I/O handling I/O interface
I/O interface card I/O interface card
I/O module I/O module
I/O module I/O module location
I/O number I/O plug
I/O power distribution line I/O power supply
I/O power unit I/O register
I/O slave card I/O stage
I/O status I/O supply
I/O supply potential I/O supply voltage
I/O terminal SysLink I/O voltage
I/O voltage connector I/O voltage line
I/O word IBM-compatible
IC IC holder
IC insulator ident. code
Ident. Number identically constructed
identification identification
identification card identification clip
identification code identification code
identification colour code identification plate
identification plate holder identification point
identification signal identifier
identifier identifier
identifier byte identity
identity element idle
idle current idle current
idle current consumption idle period
idle return idle return roller
idle return roller lever idle return roller lever
idle return roller lever idle run
idle shaft idle step
idle stroke idle time
idling idling regulation
idling speed idling time
IF if available
if necessary IF part
if repairs are required ignition delay
ignition temperature illegal
illuminated push-button illuminated switch
illuminating gas illuminating seal
illumination intensity illustration
image image processing
image sensor image table
immediate modification immerse
immersion lance immersion tube
impact impact
impact and vibration resistance impact buffer
impact energy impact force
impact force impact load
impact resistant impact strength
impact valve impact velocity
impair impairing service life
impedance imperative
impermissible impermissible field
implement import duty
importance important user instructions
impress improve
improvement improvement
impulse impulse
impulse relay imputed value
in advance in amps
in any sequence in groups
in line in original status
in pairs in percent
in perfect technical condition in preparation
in quick succession in reach
in segments in steps
in succession in three languages
in-house in-house assembly
in-house production in-line
in-line installation in-line valve
in-line valve manifold in-process inspection
inactivate inactivation notice
inactive inactive line
inactive time inadvertently
inappropriate inch
inch system inching operation
inching operation inclinable
inclination inclination
inclined include
include included
included included in scope of delivery
including inclusive
inclusive OR circuit incoming
incoming goods incoming goods inspection
incoming inspection incoming inspection
incoming INTERBUS-S incompatible
incorrect incorrect circuit
incorrect signal incorrect signal identification
incorrect string allocation incorrectly used
increase increase
increase increase
increase increase
increase in turnover increased demand
increased productivity increasing
increment increment
increment increment by 1
increment generator incremental counter
incremental dimension incremental shaft encoder
incremental value incremental/decremental
incrementer indent
indent indent
independent independent of implementation
independent of load independent of pressure
independent requirements index
index index
index index plate
index register indexed
indexing accuracy indexing conversion kit
indexing disc indexing lever
indexing line indexing pin
indexing pin indexing selector switch
indexing step indicate
indicate indicated value
indicating pin indicating range
indication indication frequency
indication of material indication of the medium
indication of tolerance indication tube
indicator indicator
indicator indicator
indicator indicator
indicator indicator colour
indicator design indicator disc
indicator flip-flop indicator insert
indicator lamp indicator light
indicator light indicator light
indicator plate indicator plate
indicator push-button indicator tongue
indicator unit indifferent
indirect proportional oiler indirectly actuated
indirectly actuated individual block
individual component individual connection
individual controller individual costs
individual counter individual device
individual drive individual finish
individual forwarding (mode) individual machine
individual mounting individual operation
individual position withdrawal individual programming module
individual step individual step
individual sub-base individual valve
individually tailored advice induced voltage
inductance inductance coil
induction induction motor
inductive inductive actuator
inductive load inductive proximity sensor
inductive pulse inductor
industrial area industrial automation
industrial control industrial environment
industrial filter industrial keypoint
industrial model for practical training industrial network
industrial robot industrial safety
industrial sector manager industrial segments manager
industry industry expert
industry-wide ineffective
inert inertia
inertia inertia effect
inertial force inevitable
inexpensive inferior
infinitely infinitely adjustable
infinitely variable infinitely variable metering
inflammability influence
influence of noise influenced by control conditions
influencing variable information
information acquisition information bit
information content information exchange
information flow information multiplexer
information processing information quantity
information service information transfer
information unit infotech
infrared infrared light
infrared rays inherent stress
inheritance inhibit
inhibit element inhibit signal
inhibition init flag
initial consideration initial error
initial instruction initial jolt
initial load initial position
initial position initial pressure
initial start-up initial step
initial symbol initial value
initial value initial velocity
initial volume initialisation flag
initialisation method initialise
initialization initialization program
initialization program initiate
initiate initiate
initiate initiator
injection moulding injector plate
inlet inlet
inlet connection inlet filter
inlet oil concentration inlet port
inlet port inlet pressure
inlet pressure inlet signal
inner bush inner cap
inner nozzle inner raceway
inner ram inner sleeve
innovative products input
input input
input (terminal) input bit
input block input blockage
input byte input card
input channel input character
input circuit input circuit
input condition input control
input current input data
input debouncing input delay
input element input event
input field input format
input function input handler
input information input LED
input level block input line
input line input logic operation
input menu input module
input module input module
input option input plate
input potential input pressure
input register input register
input request input resistance
input section input selector
input short circuit detection input shunt
input signal input signal delay
input signal line input specific
input stage input terminal
input transistor input unit
input value input variable
input variable input voltage
input voltage input voltage range
input volume input word
input/output input/output
input/output module input/output word
INS key inscribable
inscription inscription field
inscription label inscription label
inscription label holder inscription label strip
insensitive insensitive to dirt
insensitivity to interference insert
insert insert
insert insert
insert insert
insert insert
insert mode insert mode
insert ring insertable
insertable insertable (from end)
inserted from above inserting plate
inserting station insertion
insertion and rolling device insertion point
inside diameter inside height
inside passage inside width
insignificant inspect
inspected unit inspection
inspection and test status inspection chart
inspection cover inspection dimension
inspection feature inspection frequency
inspection instruction inspection of workpieces
inspection part inspection plan
inspection record inspection report
inspection results inspection sequence plan
inspection test inspection ticket
inspection unit inspection window
inspection window instability
install install
install installation
installation installation
installation installation and maintenance manual
installation conditions installation dimensions
installation drawing installation front
installation instructions installation into control panel
installation kit installation possibility
installation remote bus installation site
installation space installation type
installation variant installation-saving solutions
instantaneous value instruction
instruction instruction address
instruction counter instruction execution
instruction field instruction handbook
instruction list instruction memory
instruction output instruction pointer
instruction range instruction register
instruction set instruction system
instruction type instruction word
instructional book instructional material
instructions instructions
instructive instructor
instructor instructor's handbook
instructor's reference insufficient
insulating bush insulating layer
insulating layer insulating link
insulating plate insulating sheath
insulating strength insulating strip
insulating tape insulating terminal
insulating washer insulation
insulation insulation class
insulation class insulation displacement connector
insulation displacement technology insulation group
insulation material insulation piercing connectors
insulation resistance insulation type
insulation voltage insulation-stripping pliers
insulator insulator
intake adaptor intake state
integer integer
integer division integer overflow
integral integral cable
integral calculus integrated
integrated integrated block
integrated block integrated block system
integrated circuit integrated control system
integrated functions integrated memory circuit
integrated silencer integrated-circuit insulator
integration integration level
integration technology INTELHEX format
intelligent pneumatics intelligent valve terminal group
intend intended
intended breaking point intended separation point of circuit boards
intended use intensity of motion
intensity of stress intention
interact interaction language
interactive interactive
interactive ability interactive communication
interactive mode INTERBUS-S continuing
interchange interchange
interchangeability interchangeability
interchangeable interchangeable programmed
interconnect interconnect
interconnect interconnected
interconnecting cable interconnection
interconnection diagram intercooling
interest rate interests
interface interface
interface interface
interface interface adapter
interface card interface circuit
interface configuration interface connector
interface controller interface converter
interface driver interface electronics
interface line interface module
interface parameter interface plug
interface plug interface signal
interface string interfacing technology
interference interference
interference interference
interference interference control
interference emission standard interference free
interference frequency interference from electrical sources
interference from electromagnetic sources interference immunity standard
interference phase interference source
interference suppressed interference suppression
interference suppression interference suppression
interference suppression filter interference suppressor
interference voltage interim value
interlayer interlinking block
interlinking module interlock
interlock interlock condition
interlock signal interlocking
interlocking condition intermediate air supply
intermediate bottom intermediate lid
intermediate line intermediate operation
intermediate plate intermediate position
intermediate pressure regulator plate intermediate rapid traverse
intermediate register intermediate ring
intermediate solenoid plate intermediate step
intermediate stop intermediate switching position
intermediate test intermediate value
intermediate washer intermediate-position module
intermesh intermittent
intermittent operation intermittent operation
internal internal air consumption
internal bulkhead connector internal controller address
internal diameter internal electronics
internal event internal gripping
internal gripping internal hex
internal hexagon internal hexagon socket
internal pilot air internal resistance
internal spiral internal structure
internal thread internal voltage
internal-use product internally fused
internally pressurised international standard
Internet search interpolation
interpreted interpreter
interpreter error interpreter pointer
interpulse period interrelationship
interrogate interrogate for logic "1"
interrogate the control unit interrogation
interrogation interrogation command
interrogation cycle interrogation for failure
interrupt interrupt
interrupt interrupt
interrupt ability interrupt condition
interrupt disable interrupt enable
interrupt error interrupt input
interrupt point interrupt processing
interrupt queue interrupt system
interrupt-related event interrupted operation
interruption intersection
interval interval
interval sequence indicator intervene
intracompany sales intrinsic conduction
intrinsic current consumption intrinsic failure rate
intrinsic safety intrinsic semiconductor
intrinsic value intrinsically safe
introduction introduction
introduction part introductory seminar
invalid invalid
inventory inventory
inventory on stock inverse
inverse inverse current
inverse feedback inversion
inversion inverted comma
inverter inverter
investigation investigation of flow
investment invitation to tender
invoice invoice
invoicing invoicing
invoking ionic conduction
IPC recipe book irradiate
irreversible ISDN
ISO ISO 7-bit code
ISO and standard cylinders ISO character
ISO code ISO code mode
ISO level ISO manifold
ISO standard ISO standard
ISO standard cylinder ISO thread
isolate isolate
isolate isolated
isolated design isolating disc
isolating disc isolating relay
isolating transformer isolating valve
isolation isolation amplifier
isolation via optocouplers isometric
IT specialist italic
item item
item category group item counter
item counter item counting
item number item to be measured