H-rail H-rail clamping
H-rail mounting H-rail mounting kit
hairline cracks half ring
half shell half shell casing
half sine half-byte
half-duplex transmission half-shell casing
half-step half-wave rectifier
Hall probe halt
hammer finish hammer finish
Hamming distance hand control slide valve
hand lever hand lever actuator
hand lever assembly hand lever operation
hand lever switch hand lever valve
hand lever valve hand milling machine
hand operated programmer hand pointer
hand puncher hand slide
hand slide valve hand slide valve
hand switch hand valve
hand, electrical hand-held programmer
hand/foot pedal valve handbook
handbook handbook
handheld terminal handle
handle handle
handle handle
handle lid handling
handling handling and assembly technology
handling device handling module
handling module (with insertion device) handling specifications
handling station handling station
handling technology handling training
handling unit handling unit
handover hands-on
handshake handshake format
handshake operation handshake procedure
handshaking handshaking
handwheel hanging cupboard
hard characteristics hard disk
hard PVC hard PVC conduit
hard scraper (ring) hard wiper seal
hard-chromium plated hard-wired
hard-wired programmable hard-wired programmed
harden hardened
hardener hardness
hardware hardware
hardware catalogue hardware component
hardware equipment hardware error
hardware failure hardware fault
hardware module hardware related
hardware structure hardware system
hardware technology harmless
harmonic (oscillation) harmonic (wave)
harmonic contaminated harmonisation
harmonise harmonised
HAT hat-rail clamping unit
hat-rail mounting hatch
hazard hazardous
hazardous HC
head (of) head of department
head of the arrow head office
header header
header data heading term
headline headquarters
Headquarters heat
heat heat dissipation
heat exchanger heat flow
heat resistant heat resistant
heat sink heat sink
heat-resistant heat-resistant design
heater heating
heatless regenerating heavy corrosion
heavy duty cable gland connector heavy duty palm button valve
heavy oil heavy use
heavy-duty guide heavy-duty tubing
height height
height adjustment height compensator
height compensator height unit
heli coil insert helical gear unit
helical gearing Help
Help window hermetic diaphragm sealing principle
hermetic(ally) hermetically sealed
Hertz hex nut
hex wrench hexadecimal
hexadecimal code hexadecimal conversion
hexadecimal digit hexadecimal notation
hexadecimal number hexagon head screw
hexagonal hexagonal fitting bolt
high byte high current
high data transfer rate high efficiency dryer
high force clamping jaws high impedance
high pressure high resistance
high speed steel high vacuum
high voltage high voltage cable
high voltage system high-alloy
high-cost high-current output
high-current output module high-force cylinder
high-frequency high-grade corundum
high-level language high-level-language programming
high-order high-order bit
high-order byte high-performance
high-power high-precision control
high-pressure amplifier high-pressure filter
high-pressure range high-pressure resistant
high-pressure tube high-quality
high-resistance direction high-speed
high-speed compressor high-speed picker
high-speed picker high-speed steel
high-strength conduit high-temperature range
high-temperature resistant high-tension device
high-volume series higher pressure
higher-level higher-order
higher-order controller higher-value address
highest-order highlight
highlights highly compressed
highly flexible highly integrated
hinge hinge
hinge bolt hinge cylinder
hinge location cutter hinge mounting
hinged hinged armature
hinged joint hinged spring pin
hold hold
hold element holder
holder holder for storage of hydraulic hoses
holder module holding
holding brake holding capacity
holding circuit holding current
holding disc holding force
holding peg holding pliers
holding relay holding rod
holding seat holding torque
hole hole
hole diameter hole diameter
hole for wall mounting hole pattern
hole pattern hole specifications
hollow hollow armature tube
hollow ball hollow body
hollow bolt hollow cylinder
hollow rivet hollow rod
hollow spindle home branch
homing homing point
homogeneous hood
hook bolt hook spanner
hook tooth design hopper
hopper horizontal
horizontal connector horizontal cross brace
horizontal stacking horizontal tab
horse power hose
hose clamp hose clamp
hose clip hose connector
hose cutter hose line with quick release coupling
hose water hose-water proof
hot/cold cycles hotline
hourly hours-run meter
housing housing bottom
housing cover housing insert
housing inside temperature housing number
housing opening housing pulsated air
housing screw housing seal
housing type housing upper part
housing wall HP plug
HSS hub
hum human interface
human resource development humid
humidity humidity sensor
humidity switch hundred
hundredth of a second hybrid technology
hybrid technology hydraulic
hydraulic circuit diagram hydraulic component
hydraulic cushioning cylinder hydraulic cushioning dash pot
hydraulic cylinder hydraulic device
hydraulic flow hydraulic fluid
hydraulic fluid hydraulic instruction course
hydraulic motor hydraulic oil
hydraulic oil hydraulic output
hydraulic output hydraulic piston actuator
hydraulic power pack hydraulic power unit
hydraulic pump hydraulic punch station
hydraulic ram hydraulic reservoir
hydraulic reservoir hydraulic reservoir
hydraulic slide rule hydraulic system
hydraulic technician hydraulic transparency
hydraulic valve hydraulics
hydro pump hydrodynamics
hydrogen ion hydrolysis resistant
hydrolysis test hydrolytic
hydropneumatics hydrostatic