F F connector
F key F solenoid
F-solenoid fabric
face gear facilitate
facility facility
factor factory adjustment
factory approval certificate factory bus
factory pre-set factory setting
factory shut-down factory standard
factory store fail-safe
fail-safe fail-safe
fail-safe circuit failed
failure Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
failure rate failure signal
fall below fall time
fallen below voltage tolerance false
false joint saw fan
fan strip farad
fast acting fast blow
fast clamping device fast seller
fast soft stop fast switching
fast-moving fast-switching valve
fasten (to) fastening clamp
fatigue fatigue failure
fatigue failure fault current
fault current circuit fault current protective circuit
fault detection system fault finding
fault indication fault log
fault relay fault signal
fault voltage fault voltage
fault voltage detection faultless
faulty faulty
faulty 0 faulty 0 recognition
faulty 1 faulty 1 recognition
faulty installation faulty setting
faulty voltage comparison faulty voltage recognition system
favor FB
FDT feasibility
featherkey featherkey position
featherkey way feature
feature feature
feature FEC
Federal Standards Laboratory fee
feed feed
feed feed
feed feed
feed carriage feed clamp
feed collet feed control
feed cylinder feed direction
feed force feed length
feed length feed motion
feed motion feed motor
feed of work pieces feed plate
feed precision feed rail
feed reverse feed separator
feed sliding unit feed speed
feed spindle feed stop
feed table feed unit
feed unit feed unit
feed unit feed unit
feed unit feed unit
feed unit feedback
feedback feedback
feedback (to) feedback loop
feedback selection feedback signal
feedback signal feedback signal
feeder feeding device
feeding pipe feeding station
feeler female bulkhead connector
female bulkhead fitting female connector
female connector female hose connector
female quick connector female thread
female thread Festo
Festo bus connection Festo bus interface
Festo bus section Festo controller
Festo Design Tool Festo FPC
Festo HQ Festo logotype
Festo Pneucad Festo product range
Festo program control unit Festo programmer
Festo sequencer Festo service
Festo standard cylinder fetch
fiber fibre
fibre fibre glass cable
fibre inforcement fibre seal
fibre washer fibre-optic cable
fibre-optic cable fibre-optic connection
fibre-optic cutter fibre-optic indicator
fibre-optic unit fibre-optical cable
fibre-optical waveguide fiducial mark
field field
field assembly field bus
field constant field device
field line field of application
field of knowledge field of operation
field of technology field service
field strength fieldbus
fieldbus angled, straight fieldbus baud rate
fieldbus cable fieldbus configuration
fieldbus connection fieldbus expansion
fieldbus I/Os fieldbus interface
fieldbus interface fieldbus interference
fieldbus length fieldbus line
fieldbus node fieldbus operand
fieldbus plug fieldbus protocol
fieldbus setting fieldbus signal
fieldbus socket fieldbus socket, straight
fieldbus station fieldbus string
fieldbus system fieldbus technology
fieldbus transmission fieldwork
FIFO FIFO storage
Fig. figure
filament file
file file
file file
file error file format
file label file limit
file management file manager
file name file opening
file segment table file separator
filing filing
filing option fill
filler filler neck
filler plug filling adapter
filling level control filling level sensor
filling material filling nipple
filling plug filling pressure
filling valve film of varnish
film series filter
filter filter
filter filter
filter filter bag
filter bowl filter capacitor
filter capacity filter cartridge
filter circuit filter combination
filter condensator filter contamination
filter cover filter disc
filter efficiency filter fitting
filter flow filter holder
filter hood filter housing
filter muffler filter nipple
filter plate filter plug
filter pollution filter protector
filter regulator filter silencer
filter string filter tissue
filter unit filter-regulator
filter-regulator-lubricator filter/regulator unit
filtration filtration bed
filtration grade Filtration station
final acceptance (test) final angle
final control element final data packet
final inspection final month
final position final product
final temperature final test
final user final user
final value finance and accounts
financial budget financial year
fine adjustment kit fine filter
fine separation fine thread
fine throttle fine-filter cartridge
fine-lead pencil finger hole
finger jointing finger lever
finger lever valve finished goods
finished goods warehouse finished part
finished product finished state
finished surface finishing sanding
finite state machine fire point
fire risk firedamp protection
firewall firing pin
firmware design first element of the line
first error first sample
first sample inspection report first-mentioned
first-up delay fiscal year
fissure fit
fit fit
fit fit
fit and forget fit size
fit tolerance fitter
fitting fitting
fitting fitting
fitting bolt fitting bush
fitting hole fitting instruction
fitting space fittings
fittings kit fittings system
five-pin five-track punched tape
fixed fixed
fixed (absolute) jump address fixed assets
fixed bearing fixed charge
fixed costs fixed indexing
fixed orifice fixed program
fixed program controller fixed programmed
fixed resistor fixed stop
fixed value fixed-grid valve terminal
fixed-point number fixing bolt
fixing clip fixture
fixture fixture
fixture for stationary operation flag
flag bit flag command
flag status flag status
flag word flame protection
flame retardant to flame-retardant
flameproof (enclosure) flammability
flange flange
flange flange bolt
flange bushing flange connection
flange eye flange hole pattern
flange mount flange mounting
flange mounting flange mounting
flange mounting design flange plate
flange screw flanged connection
flanged cover flanged cylinder
flanged joint flanged plug
flanged precision pressure gauge flanged pressure gauge
flanged shaft flanged shaft with air through-feed
flanged shaft with energy through-feed flap
flap control system flap valve
flash flasher relay
flashing flashing operation
flashing rate flashpoint
flat flat
flat cable flat cable
flat container flat cylinder
flat design group flat head screw
flat keypad flat material
flat pin flat piston
flat piston cylinder flat plate silencer
flat plug flat seal
flat slide flat slide valve
flat slide valve flat slide valve contact
flat slide valve design flat suction cup
flat surface flat-cable socket
flexibility flexible
flexible flexible
flexible flexible cushioning elements
flexible metal conduit flexible roller bearing
flexopneu hose flicker
flip-flop flip-flop
flip-flop flip-flop
flip-flop circuit flip-flop circuit
flip-flop relay flip-flop valve
flipflop float
float chamber float pipe
float position float sleeve
float valve floating
floating exhaust valve floating mid-position
floating neutral position floating position
floating-point division floating-point number
flooding floor element
floppy disk floppy disk drive
floppy disk label floppy disk surface
flow flow
flow flow
flow flow
flow (rate) flow amplifier
flow area flow at rest
flow characteristics flow characteristics
flow chart flow chart
flow chart flow chart
flow chart flow compressor
flow conditions flow control
flow control flow control (closed loop)
flow control bush flow control element
flow control plate flow control screw
flow control silencer flow control valve
flow control valve flow control valve
flow control valve flow control valve
flow control valve muffler flow cross section
flow curve flow cycle
flow diagram flow diagram
flow direction flow direction
flow divider flow dividing valve
flow dividing valve flow element
flow energy flow factor
flow frictional force flow line
flow line flow mark
flow measurement flow measuring device for measuring set
flow medium flow meter
flow meter flow model
flow off flow path
flow position flow process
flow range flow rate
flow rate flow rate
flow rate flow rate
flow rate characteristic flow rate control
flow regulator flow resistance
flow resistance flow resistance
flow sensor flow sensor
flow sensor flow situation
flow through flow transmitter
flow velocity flow velocity
flow velocity flow-mechanical
flow-relevant flowchart
flowmeter flowmeter
flowrate control fluctuate
fluctuation fluid
fluid engineering fluid flow control
fluid level fluid power
fluid power fluid power (and control)
fluid power engineering fluid pressure
fluid separator Fluid Studio®
fluid surface fluid temperature
fluid trap fluidic muscle
Fluidic muscle press station FluidLab®-H
FluidSIM® fluorescent lamp
fluoro elastomer flush
flush fitting flush fitting
fluting cutter flutter
flutter flux
flux density flying sparks
flywheel flywheel effect
foam material shell foam strip
focal depth foil crack
folder folder
folding box folding clip
follow-up follow-up audit
follow-up measure follow-up text
following following error
Food and Drug Administration food and packaging industries
food and packaging industry food industry
foot foot mounting
foot treadle valve foot valve
foot valve foot valve with mechanical detent
footnote for example
for food industry for further details, consult
for heavy-duty service for instance
for proximity sensing for variable positioning
for wall mounting force
force force away
force compensator force control
force due to load force due to weight
force equilibrium force fit
force hysteresis force intensifying cylinder
force limiter force measurement
force of acceleration force resistance
force reversal force sensor
force setpoint value force-actuated
force-controlled force-current characteristic
force-locked force-path characteristic
forced control forced convection
forced draught forced rupture
forced ventilation forcing order
foreground foreign matter
foreign matter protection forge
fork fork gap
fork light barrier form
form feed form feed
form of energy format
format formation of gas
formed gasket formic acid
forthcoming FORTRAN feed character
FORTRAN source code forward
forward order forward stroke
forward stroke forward stroke damping
forward stroke signal forward wind
forwarding agent foundry ladle
four-line(d) four-lip seal
four-position cylinder four-stroke engine
four-way valve fourfold
FPC FPC documentation
FPC housing FPC instruction memory
FPC interference protection FPC language
FPC program memory FPC programming language
FPC system FPC user
FPC user program FPC variable
frame frame
frame error frame length
frame rate frame system
frame system for control cabinet frameless
franchise free cutting brass
free cutting steel free of charge
free of charge free of copper, PTFE and silicone
free of rebound free of stress
free of tension free of tension
free on board free pass mechanism
free size free-flow direction
freely configurable freewheel coupling
freewheel unit freezing temperature
freight freight costs
freight expenses freight paid
freight-out frequency
frequency frequency band
frequency band width frequency converter
frequency distribution frequency divider
frequency fluctuation frequency modulator
frequency multiplier frequency of oscillation
frequency pass frequency range
frequency response (characteristic) frequency scaler
frequency shift keying frequency shunt
frequency-sensitive frequent
fretting friction
friction bearing friction clutch
friction difference friction factor
friction force friction loss
friction-locking frictional damping
frictional grip frictional locking
frictional locking frictional loss
frictional resistance frictional torque
from manual work to full automation front
front blind plate front cap
front cap front level
front mounting front panel
front panel front panel device
front panel mounting front panel mounting
front panel valve front plate
front plate front plug
front side front side
front side front surface
front surface front swivel mounting
front tie rod front wall
front-panel connector frontal groove
frosted-glass window FSK
full automation full duplex mode
full format full load
full scale full scale value
full screen mode full-duplex
full-duplex mode full-duplex transmission
full-wave rectification full-wave rectified
full-wave rectifier fully assembled
fully equipped fully liable partner
function function
function function assignment
function block function block diagram
function card function card
function card function chart
function diagram function end cap
function fitting function generator
function I/O module function identification
function key function key assignment
function level function principle
function range function sketch
function symbol function unit
function unit key function unit number
function unit value function-specific
function-specific peripherals functional
functional functional block
functional description functional earth
functional element functional module
functional module functional reliability
functional sequence fundamental arithmetic operation
fundamental set fundamentals of automation
funds funnel
funnel for filling oil into devices further applicable documents
further compressed further development
further processing further training
further training course fuse
fuse fuse cartridge
fuse element fuse protection
fuse triggered fused supply
Futurion® fuzz free