D/A converter dairy thread
damage damage
damage damage risk
damp damp-proof
dampen danger area
danger category danger of contamination
danger of injury danger threshold
danger warnings danger zone
dangerous dark
dark switching dash-dotted
dashed data
data data acquisition
data acquisition data backup
data base data bit
data bit number data block length
data buffer data buffering
data bus data byte
data cassette data communication
data communication area data communication equipment
data communication memory data communication unit
data communications equipment data control
data disconnection data display
data entry data exchange
data floppy disk data flow
data flow data flowchart
data format data ground
data input data integrity
data interface data line
data link data link layer
data loss data memory
data output data output device
data output point data packet
data path data processing
data processing data range
data read in data reference potential
data representation data security
data set data set ready
data sheet data sheet
data storage medium data stream
data structure data terminal
data terminal data terminal equipment
data terminal equipment data terminal ready
data throughput data transfer
data transfer parameter data transmission
data transmission block data transmission changeover
data transmission line data transmission rate
data word data(base)
data/video projectors date
date issued date scheduling
DC DC accuracy
DC card DC circuit
DC contactor DC load resistor
DC long range transmission DC motor
DC operation DC output card
DC resistor DC solenoid
DC solenoid coil DC static converter
DC voltage DC voltage input
DC-Motor DC/AC output card
DDMMYY DE register
de-archive de-energise
de-energise de-energised
de-energised period de-energize
de-energize de-oil
deactivate deactivated
dead dead centre
dead load dead point
dead weight dead zone
dead zone dead-straight
deadline deadline
dealer dealer's brand
dealership list debit
debounce time debug
debugging debugging program
deburr deburring
decade decade
decade switch decades of experience
decay decay time
decelerate decelerate
deceleration deceleration
deceleration decentralised preprocessing
decentralization with Profibus-DP decentralized
decentralized controller decimal
decimal decimal code
decimal point decimal system
decimal value decisive component
decisive point deckwater-tight
declamp declaration
declaration list declaration list
declaration of conformance declaration of conformity
decline decode
decode decode
decoder decoding
decouple decoupled
decrease decrease
decrease decree
decrement decrement
decremental counter decremental counter
decrementer deductible
deductible deduction
deep hole boring deep sanding
deep suction cup deep-groove ball bearing
default memory default setting
default value defect
defect defect component
defect(s) defective
defective defective
defective defective or foreign part
defects deficiency
deficiency define
definition definition of performance
definition of terms definition range
deflect deflecting arm
deflecting arm force sensor deflecting mat
deflection deflection
deflection deflection
deflection deflector
deflector funnel deflector solenoid
deformation deformation
degrease degree of completion
degree of contamination degree of efficiency
degree of filtration degree of filtration
degree of filtration degree of freedom
degree of protection degree of protection
degree of protection against water degree of purity
degree of versatility DEL symbol
delay delay
delay delay circuit
delay control delay element
delay time delayed action
delete delete
deliberate delimit
delimitation delimiter
delimiter deliver
deliverable from delivery
delivery category delivery date
delivery direction delivery length
delivery note delivery plant
delivery quantity delivery rate
delivery rate delivery rate
delivery rate delivery rate
delivery slip printer delivery status
delivery time delockable
delta circuit delta connection
delta pulse delta star connection
demagnetize demand
demand demand controlled
demand-driven production control (system) demodulator
demonstration case demonstration device
demonstration equipment demonstration time
denominator dense filter
density deny
department department head
dependable operation dependence
dependency net dependent on
dependent on customer request dependent on load
dependent on training aim dependent on vacuum
depending on programming language deposit
deposit deposit of lubricant
depreciation depth
depth of bore depth of cabinet
depth of engagement depth of focus
depute derivation
derivative time derivative-action controller
derive derived function
descending description
description of pneumatics description type
desiccant design
design design
design design
design design
design design
design design and simulation software
design characteristic design department
design engineer design modification
designation designation
designed for designed for control cabinets
designing desired position
desk destack
destination destination
destruction destruction limit
deswarf detach
detachable detachable
detail detail drawing
detailed detect
detect detect
detection detection
detection point detector
detent detent
detent effect detent ring
detent spring detented
detenting determine
determine with formulae determine with graphics
devaluation develop
development kit development of program
deviate deviating
deviation deviation
deviation deviation
deviation (from linearity) deviation chart
deviation in dimension deviation ratio
device device
device assignment device blocking
device control device control character
device designation device document
device group device interface
device length device master file
device plug device specification
device technology device width
device-specific dew point
dew point temperature diagnosis
diagnosis options diagnostic behaviour
diagnostic byte diagnostic cable
diagnostic data sheet diagnostic error
diagnostic function diagnostic information
diagnostic interface diagnostic message
diagnostic module diagnostic plug
diagnostic port diagnostic register
diagnostic result diagnostic socket
diagnostic step diagnostic system
diagnostic system diagnostic unit
diagnostic word diagnostics
diagnostics options diagnostics result
diagonal bearing cage guide diagram
dial dial adjusting knob
dial label dialog box
diameter diameter of (spiral) turns
diameter tolerance diametrical pitch
diamond diamond grinding point
diaphragm diaphragm accumulator
diaphragm and short stroke cylinder diaphragm body
diaphragm components diaphragm compressor
diaphragm control diaphragm control valve
diaphragm controlled diaphragm cover
diaphragm cylinder diaphragm drive
diaphragm pilot control diaphragm poppet
diaphragm pressure gauge diaphragm pressure gauge
diaphragm regulator diaphragm reversal
diaphragm seal diaphragm seat
diaphragm valve dictionary
didactic die cast Al
die-cast Al die-cast aluminium
die-cast aluminium die-cast cylinder
die-cast metal die-cast metal housing
die-cast zinc dielectric
dielectric dielectric constant
dielectric strength diesel oil
different different
different colour differential amplifier
differential area differential circuit
differential cylinder differential input
differential piston differential pressure
differential pressure differential pressure
differential pressure gauge differential pressure gauge
differential pressure indicator differential pressure measurement
differential pressure regulator differential pressure switch
differential pressure switching point differential pressure with respect to atmosphere
differential reset pressure differential reset pressure
differentiation diffuse light sensor
diffuse light sensor diffuse optical sensor
diffuse scan diffuse scan
diffuse sensor diffuse sensor
diffuse sensor diffuse sensor
diffuse sensor with background suppression digit
digit input digit representation with 7 segments
digital digital clock
digital clock digital control
digital conversion digital display
digital display digital I/O group
digital I/O module digital input group
digital minicontrollers digital multimeter
digital output group digital printer
digital signal digital switching
digital technology digital value
digital-analogue digital-analogue converter
digital-analogue converter digitalised input value
digitization in the fieldbus station digitize
DIL switch dimension
dimension dimension
dimension reference point dimension to be inspected
dimensional dimensional accuracy
dimensional axis dimensional change
dimensional drawing dimensional drawing for installation
dimensional information dimensional series
dimensional variations dimensioning
dimensions dimensions
dimensions dimensions sheet
dimensions table DIN
DIN cylinder DIN limit switch
DIN manifold sub-base DIN mounting rail
DIN plug DIN rail
DIN rail DIN standard
DIN sub-base diode
diode array diode lid
diode socket diode thyristor (DIAC)
dip pipe dip switch
dipole dipping basket
direct attachment direct call
direct current direct current regulator
direct current technology direct instruction
direct link direct mode
direct mounting direct output
direct proportional lubricator direct sales
direct thread direct value
direct voltage directed link
directed link from top to bottom direction
direction of action direction of current
direction of exhaust air direction of flow
direction of flow direction of flow control
direction of movement direction of punching
direction of rolling direction of rotation
directional control and non-return valves directional control valve
directional control valve directional control valve
directive directive
directive directly actuated
directly actuated directly controlled 2/2-way proportional valve, spring return
directly controlled 2/2-way solenoid valve Director
Director responsible for X directorial area
directory directory
dirt dirt particle
dirt sediment disable
disable disadvantage
disassemble disassemble
disassemble disassembly
disassembly disc
disc disc ring
discard discharge
discharge discharge
discharge discharge
discharge discharge opening
discharge port discharge process
discharge resistor discharge slide
discharge time discharged
discharging current discharging instruction
disconnect disconnect
disconnect disconnect
disconnect disconnect
disconnect disconnect from supply
disconnectible disconnecting
disconnecting cap disconnecting pliers
disconnection delay time disconnection from supply
disconnector discontinued type
discontinuous discount
discount discount
discount discount code
discount rate discounting
discrete discriminator
disengage disjunction
disk disk bolt
disk bolt disk cutter
disk drive disk drive
disk memory disk seat
disk valve diskette jacket
dismantle dismantle
dismantle dismantling
dismantling costs dismount
dismounting dispatch
dispatch control order dispenser
displaced displaced one position to the left
displaced one position to the right displacement
displacement displacement
displacement encoder displacement encoder
displacement force displacement measurement
displacement principle displacement sensor
displacement volume displacement-controlled
displacement-step diagram displacement-time diagram
display display
display display and control unit
display and operating device display and operating unit
display buffer display component
display error display field
display field display model
display position display terminal
display unit display window
display window display workstation
displaying and operating disposable filter
disposition disposition
disregarded disruption of production
dissipate dissipation of energy
distance distance
distance between nozzles distance between slots
distance bolt distance bush
distance disc distance piece
distance plate distance sensor
distance sleeve distance strip
distinction distinguishable
distortion corrector distortion factor
distribute distribute
distributed distributed intelligence
distributing station distribution block
distribution channel distribution costs
distribution installation distribution list
distribution manifold distribution of compressed air
distribution plate distribution process
distribution store distribution unit
distributor distributor
distributor block distributor block
distributor board distributor box
distributor end piece distributor flange
distributor piece distributor ring piece
distributor segment distributor tube
disturbance disturbance (variable)
disturbing pulse dither
dither superimposition divergence
diverting device divide
divide dividing head
division division of flow
DMA DMA access
DMA communications DMA timeout
DNC document
document documentation
documentation documentation device
documentation for programming software documentation package
documenter dog plate
dome head rivet domestic
domestic domestic trade
dominant dominant signal response
dominate dominating signal
door damper dosing valve
dot dot-matrix printer
double bearing double check valve
double circuit system double click
double coding double diaphragm drive
double function card double line
double nipple double nipple kit
double non-return valve double pilot
double pilot valve double pilot valve
double pilot valve double poppet valve
double pump double push-button valve
double sideband modulation double solenoid design
double solenoid valve double solenoid valve
double solenoid valve double solenoid valve
double stop bit double stroke
double-acting double-acting cylinder
double-bellows cylinder double-byte
double-cup packing double-ended piston rod
double-row terminal double-seated valve
dove tail connection dovetail
dovetail connection dovetail groove
dovetail joint dovetail slot
dowel drill dowel pin
dowel pin dowel pin
doweling option down-time
downstream side downtime
downtime downtime costs
downward counter downwards
draft draft standard
draft standard drain
drain drain
drain drain
drain cock drain hose
drain housing drain pipe
drain port drain screw
draining cap draw in
draw in air drawer
drawer insert drawer unit
drawer units drawing
drawing equipment drawing template
drawing template program flowchart drawn-in air
drawn-in volume drift
drift drill
drill drill bushing
drill chuck drill chuck adapter
drill drive drill feed
drill hole drill out
drill step drilled hole
drilling depth drilling jig
drilling machine drilling module
drilling spindle drilling station
drilling template drilling time
drip indicator cover drip proof
drip rate drip tray
drip tray drip tray
drip tray drip tube
drip tube liner drive
drive drive axis
drive bolt drive combination
drive component drive contactor
drive head drive mechanism
drive out drive package
drive piston drive power
drive pulley drive section
drive shaft drive shaft
drive shaft drive shaft
drive speed drive system
drive technology drive trunnion
drive unit drive unit
drive unit driver
driver driver software
driverless driving belt
driving bolt driving collar
driving component driving device
driving pin driving torque
driving torque driving wheel
driving/tractive load drop
drop drop
drop in logic voltage drop in magnetic force
drop indicator relay drop-off pressure
drop-off time droplet size
drops drum polishing
drum slide dry
dry air dry sanding
dryer drying agent
drying agent/water compound DU bushing
DU plain bearing dual
dual control valve dual processor system
dual-pressure operation dual-pressure valve
dual-pressure valve, 3-fold (AND) dual-screened cable
duct duct
duct block duct separation
ducted exhaust air ductile
ductility due date
dummy dummy code
dummy data dummy file
dummy flag dummy instruction
dummy plug dummy segment
dummy statement dummy statement
DUO cable duo rail
DUO rail DUO spiral plastic tubing
DUO tube DUO tubing
duo-dial adjustment knob duplex mode
duplicate durable
dust dust bag
dust bag dust cap
dust deposit dust extraction
dust extraction hose dust extractor
dust filter dust penetration
dust protection dust seal
dustproof duty cycle
duty cycle dwell time
dynamic dynamic control valve
dynamic display dynamic pressure transducer
dynamic response dynamically falling pressure
dynamically rising pressure dynamometer (sensor)