back load back plate
back pressure back pressure
back pressure back pressure actuated
back pressure actuated valve back pressure end stop
back pressure level sensor back pressure limit valve
back pressure nozzle back pressure nozzle
back pressure sensor back pressure switch
back pressure valve back support
background fade-out background noise
background processing background program
background program background suppression
backlash backlash potential
backlash-free backslash
backspace backspace key
backup bar backup battery
backup copy backup fuse
backup inverter bar backup master
backup ring backwall
backwall cover baffle plate
baffle plate baffle plate
baffle plate bag
balance balance
balance balance
balance balance container
balance of accounts balance of force
balance sheet balance sheet total
balance time balancer
balancing balancing coupling
balancing device balancing procedure
balancing resistor ball
ball actuator ball bearing
ball bearing ball bearing cage guide
ball bearing guide ball bearing seat
ball bearings ball cage
ball catch ball check valve
ball cup ball detent
ball joint ball pin
ball pivot ball poppet valve
ball race ball retainer
ball retainer ball screw
ball screw (drive) ball screw spindle
ball segment valve ball valve
ball valve ball valve drive unit
ball-and-screw spindle ball-jointed angle compensator
ball-type nipple connection banana plug
band cylinder band width
bandpass bar
bar bar axis
bar chart bar code
barbed bulkhead connector barbed bulkhead fitting
barbed connector barbed elbow connector
barbed elbow fitting barbed fitting
barbed fitting barbed fitting assembly
barbed fitting connection barbed hose fitting
barbed L-connector barbed L-fitting
barbed T connector barbed T-connector
barbed T-fitting barbed tubing connector
barbed tubing connector barbed V connector
barbed Y connector barbed Y connector with restrictor
barbed Y-connector with restrictor barrel
barrier base
base base
base base
base base
base base cap
base component base components
base current base current
base element base frame
base material base module
base mounting base plate
base plate base plate
base plug base profile
base side base thickness
based on based on xxx standard
BASIC basic
basic and further training basic assembly part
basic axis basic block
basic body basic card
basic CCU module basic circuit
basic circuit basic circuit
basic circuit diagram basic clock pulse
basic combination basic component
basic component basic control
basic control basic control functions
basic cylinder basic data
basic design basic design
basic equipment basic equipment
basic flow rate basic form
basic frame basic frame
basic frequency basic function
basic function card basic functional module
basic housing basic instruction course
BASIC interpreter basic kit
basic level basic load
basic logic element basic logic element
basic logic function basic logic function
basic logic function basic lubrication
basic mechatronics basic mobile unit
basic module basic mounting ring
basic operation mode basic pneumatic controllers
basic power supply basic power supply (unit)
basic power supply card basic principles
BASIC program basic representation
basic rule basic setting
basic speed basic stationary unit
basic structure of the program basic time
basic unit basic unit
basic unit basic unit
basic unit basic valve
basic valve body basic valve for panel mounting
basic version basic weight
basin BAT switch
batch batch
batch batch file
batch job batch mode
batch operation batch processing
batch programming batch unit
battery battery backup
battery box battery cable
battery capacity battery compartment
battery discharge battery exchange
battery failure battery failure detection
battery gap battery handle
battery holder battery housing
battery jack battery leaflet
battery load battery power
battery power consumption battery power supply unit
battery powered battery substitution
battery supply battery support
battery terminal battery test button
battery tray battery voltage detector
battery voltage supply battery warning lamp
battery-backed battery-powered
baud baud rate
baud rate baud rate
baud rate dependent baud rate identification
baud rate switch bayonet lock
BCD BCD code
BCD figure BCD notation
BCD number BCD position
be applied be damped
be present be pressurized
be stacked be used
beaded edge beading bit
beam compass bearing
bearing bearing and end caps
bearing bush bearing calculation
bearing cap bearing cartridge
bearing clearance bearing clevis
bearing flange bearing friction
bearing neck bearing needle
bearing plate bearing shell
bearing sleeve bearing strip
bearing surface bearing surface
beep behaviour
bell bell-shaped
bellows bellows
bellows bellows coupling
bellows cylinder bellows cylinder
bellows damage bellows kit
bellows suction cup bellows suction cup
bellows suction cup bellows volume
belonging (to) belt
belt conveyor belt cycle time
belt misalignment belt rotation
belt sander benchmark (test)
bend bend
bend bending edge
bending fixture bending load
bending load bending moment
bending radius bending range
bending strength bending stress
bending tool beneficiary
benefit benefit
Bernoulli's equation bevel gear unit
BEX BEX function
BEX module beyond dead end-position actuator
beyond dead end-position control bi-directional
bi-directional bus bi-directional rectifier
BIBB course BIBB instruction course
bibliography bid price
bill of freight bill of material
billing bimetal
bimetal thermometer bimetal trigger
binary binary
binary character binary code
binary coded binary combination
binary control binary counter
binary digit binary in-line switch
binary indicator binary information
binary notation binary number
binary number binary number system
binary output binary position
binary reducing stage binary reduction valve
binary signal binary system
binary system binary value
binary word bistable
bistable trigger circuit bistable valve
bistable valve bit
bit bit code
bit combination bit configuration
bit content bit content not relevant
bit displaced to the left bit number
bit pattern bit string
bit-by-bit bit-by-bit input
bit-organised bit-organized
bit-parallel bit-serial
bits shifted to the right bivalence
bivalent bladder accumulator
blade blade connector
blank blank
blank (off) blank (out)
blank document blank label
blank operation blank plate
blank position blank position
blank station blanking adapter
blanking cap blanking cap for hollow bolt
blanking cover blanking plate
blanking plate blanking plate
blanking plate blanking plate
blanking plate blanking plate (for spare position)
blanking plate for non-occupied positions blanking plate for unused valve positions
blanking plug blanking plug
blanking plug blanking plug
blast air blast pipe
blast tube bleed
bleed screw bleed valve
bleeder blind plate
blink rate blister pack
block block
block block circuit diagram
block design block design
block diagram block diagram
block diagram block diagram
block diagram block form
block form block form
block forwarding (mode) block operation
block transferal (mode) block withdrawal
block-form sensors block-shaped
block-shaped blocked
blocked blocked direction
blocked direction blocking circuit
blocking command blocking element
blocking function blocking key
blocking magnet blocking solenoid
blocking state blood pressure apparatus
blow blow
blow out blue digest on automation
blueprint foil board
board board
board board exchange
board of directors board without PLC
Bode diagram body
body connector body thread
bolt bolt
bolt bolt mounting
bolt on BOM
BOM explosion bond
bond bond
bonding bonding fixture
bonding surface book of exercises
book series Boolean
Boolean algebra boolean algebra
Boolean logic Boolean operation
boom arm boom axis
booster booster relay
boot Borda housing
border ring bore
bore boric silicate glass fibre
bottleneck Bottling station
bottom bottom edge
bottom part bottom part
bottom plate bottom valve
bottom view bounce
bounce-free bouncing
Bourdon tube Bourdon tube pressure gauge
bowl bowl
bowl guard bowl guard with sight aperture
box box
box nut Boyle's law
brace plate braces
bracket bracket
bracket bracket
bracket for capazitive proximity switch bracketing
braided screen brake
brake device brake unit
braking device braking resistance
braking resistor branch
branch branch
branch (office) branch (office) abroad
branch line branch line
branch module branch office
branch tee branch tee
branch-T branching module
branching module branching of flat cable
branching off branching plate
branching plate brand
brand name brass
brass bowl brass design
brass plug brass tube
brazed nipple type fitting break
break contact break down
break down break point
break signal break-away force
break-away pressure break-break relay
break-down torque breakaway force
breakdown breakdown diode
breakdown diode network breaking current
breaking load breakpoint
breathing air system bridge circuit
bridge rectifier bridgeable
brief description brief overview
brief(ly) bright/dark ratio
brightness Brinell hardness
brittle fissures brochure
brochure brochure
broken line bronze fabric
browse brush
brush plate brush rim
brushed brushless
BSC Buchholz relay
buckle buckled
buckling force buckling length
buckling load buckling strength
buckling stress buckling stress diagram
budget accounting buffer
buffer buffer
buffer buffer
buffer buffer battery
buffer conveyor (mode) buffer electrical, unassembled
buffer overflow buffer pad
buffer point buffer roller conveyor
buffer sleeve buffer station
buffer, pneumatic buffered
buffing wheel build-up of (magnetic) field
build-up of a pressure signal building
building maintenance building management
building management built-in
built-in built-in cabinet
built-in solenoid valve built-in switch
bulb bulge
bulk pack bulk products
bulkhead ball valve bulkhead fitting
bulkhead push-in connector bulkhead quick connector
bulky bullet point
bumpless BUNA-N compressed air hose
bundle buried underground
burnish burnished
burr burr
burr height burst
burst pressure burst test
bursting disc bursting pressure
bursting strength bus
bus (line) bus access
bus address bus address parity
bus bar bus bar
bus bar area bus bar nominal current
bus blanking plug bus busy
bus cable bus compatible
bus connection bus connection
bus controller bus controller
bus data bus data parity
bus error bus interconnection
bus interface bus interruption
bus line connection bus load
bus male connector bus master reset
bus master reset bus node
bus plug bus priority
bus profile bus read
bus request bus requesting
bus start-up bus station
bus system bus system
bus terminal bus terminal
bus terminal bus termination
bus transfer logic bus transfer repetition
bus wait bus write
busboard bush
bush bush
bushing business
business activity business segment
busy BUSY interrogation
BUSY signal butterfly nut
butterfly screw butterfly valve
butterfly valve butterfly valve
butterfly valve button
button button switch
buttoned-in butyl-alcohol
buzzer buzzer
buzzer by mail order
by signals by the current program
by the user by the user
by-pass flow control by-pass in neutral position
by-product bypass
bypass bypass
bypass circuit bypass mid-position
bypass position byte
byte-by-byte byte-oriented