A4 mounting frame abbreviate
abbreviated notation abbreviation
abbreviation ability
ability ability to deliver (at short notice)
abort abort
abrade abraded particles
abrasion abrasion-proof
abrasive material abscissa axis
absence absolute encoder
absolute pressure absolute shaft encoder
absolute value absolute value
absolutely necessary absorber
absorption absorption drying
AC bootstrap AC card
AC circuit AC contactor
AC line AC motor
AC output AC range
AC relay AC servo motor
AC setter AC solenoid
AC solenoid coil AC technology
AC voltage AC-Motor
accelerate accelerate
accelerating relay acceleration
acceleration acceleration due to gravity
acceleration ramp acceleration rate controller
accept slave acceptable current load
acceptance acceptance
acceptance acceptance
acceptance condition access
access option access time
accessibility accessible
accessories accessories overview
accessory box accessory kit
accident protection accidental
accompanying leaflet accompanying phenomenon
according to customer order according to device
according to program according to task
accordingly account
account receivable accounts customer
accounts payable accumulation (mode)
accumulation of dirt accumulator
accumulator accumulator
accumulator accumulator charging unit
accumulator filling device accumulator filling device
accumulator volume accuracy
accuracy class accuracy of guidance
accuracy of measurement accuracy of reading
accuracy of switching point accurate
acetic acid acetic anhydride
achieve acid
acid-resistant acknowledge
acknowledge acknowledge
acknowledgment acknowledgment
acknowledgment acknowledgment button
acknowledgment contact acknowledgment parameter
acknowledgment signal acoplamiento cardan
acoustic indicator acoustic source
acquisition acquisition
action action of light
action on activation action on deactivation
action on event activable
activate activate
activated activated carbon filter
activated carbon filter cartridge activating circuit
activating line activation
activation active
active carbon filter active direction
active line active power meter
active program active resistance
activity actorics
actual ACTUAL address
ACTUAL amount ACTUAL configuration
ACTUAL current ACTUAL list
ACTUAL number of inputs ACTUAL number of outputs
actual pressure ACTUAL status
ACTUAL type ACTUAL value
ACTUAL variable actual-value input
actuate actuate
actuated by low-pressure actuated state
actuating angle actuating coil
actuating element actuating force
actuating force actuating head
actuating lever actuating lug
actuating shaft actuating signal
actuating signal actuating surface
actuating time actuating valve
actuating yoke actuation
actuation area actuation direction
actuation equipment actuation level
actuation moment actuation part
actuation stroke actuation stroke
actuation type actuation unit
actuator actuator
actuator actuator
actuator actuator
actuator actuator
actuator actuator
actuator actuator adapter kit
actuator adapter plate actuator attachment
actuator head actuators
actuators (DC motor) acyclic
acyclic communication adapt
adapt adapt
adaptability adaptable
adaptation adapted
adapter adapter
adapter adapter
adapter adapter
adapter adapter
adapter bush adapter cable
adapter card adapter connector
adapter for gauge connection adapter for height adjustment
adapter for profile plate adapter kit
adapter kit adapter kit
adapter line adapter piece
adapter plate adapter plate
adapter plate adapter plate kit
adapter seal adapter stage
adapter, Y axis adaption
adaptive adaptor
add add
add add
add up add-and-subtract counter
add-on dimension addable
added carbon black adder
adder adding counter
adding counter adding operator
addition addition
addition for tropical conditions addition to product range
additional component additional condition
additional display additional equipment
additional expenses additional firmware
additional function additional handshake mode
additional information ADDITIONAL instruction
additional licences additional lubrication
additional measure additional mounting components
additional operands additional output
additional plate additional power supply
additional price additional prices
additional statement additional supply
additional weight additional work
additive additive
additive address
address address
address allocation address allocation
address allocation address allocation ascending
address assignment address bus
address counter address cycle
address decoder address element
address part address range
address selector switch address shift
address signal address space
address specification address word
addressability addressing
addressing cable addressing device
adequacy adhere
adherent adhesion
adhesion tendency adhesive
adhesive adhesive
adhesive agent adhesive company logo
adhesive element adhesive tape
adhesive transparency adjacent
adjacent adjacent module
adjoining adjust
adjust adjust
adjust adjust
adjust with 22 mm spanner adjust with 22 mm wrench
adjustability adjustable
adjustable adjustable
adjustable adjustable end position cushioning
adjustable foot mounting adjustable for length
adjustable holder adjustable pressure actuator
adjustable restrictor adjustable retainer
adjustable rotation stop spindle adjustable stop
adjustable vacuum control adjuster
adjuster adjuster
adjusting insert adjusting instructions
adjusting kit adjusting knob
adjusting link adjusting nut
adjusting opening adjusting pin
adjusting pin adjusting range
adjusting ring adjusting screw
adjusting screw adjusting screw
adjusting signal adjusting spindle
adjusting unit adjusting wheel
adjustment adjustment
adjustment adjustment
adjustment adjustment aid
adjustment bearing adjustment key
adjustment lock adjustment of cutting depth
adjustment of throttle adjustment of turning capacity
adjustment procedure adjustment sleeve
adjustment spindle adjustment unit
admission adsorb
adsorption dryer adsorption drying
advance advance
advance advance
advance advance and return speed of the cylinder
advance control advance motion
advance speed advanced
advanced advanced end position
advanced level advanced position
advanced seminar advancing speed
advantage advertising campaign
advisable advisory board
aerosols AF
AF preamplifier affect
affected by viscosity after-sales service
after-sales service ageing
agency aggregate
agreement agreement
air air
air baffle plate air barrier
air barrier receiver air barrier sender
air bearing air blast
air blast valve air chamber
air chamber air circulation
air compressor air compressor
air conditioning air connection
air consumption air consumption
air consumption air consumption diagram
air consumption of return stroke air consumption value
air control air cushion
air cushion air cushion sliding table
air delivery air drier
air dryer air dryer
air duct air duct
air economy circuit air escape chart
air feed air filter
air flow air flow
air flow principle air flow rate
air flow rate air freight
air fuse air gap
air gap air gap sensor
air gun air gun nozzle
air humidity air inlet
air inlet valve air jet
air jet air jet function
air jet hole air jet pressure
air leak air loss
air mix air mixture regulator
air motor air network
air outlet air outlet
air passage air pick-off point
air piloted air preparation unit
air pressure air pressure reservoir
air pulse air quality
air quality class air rate required
air reservoir air reservoir
air reservoir air saving
air separator air shield
air sliding table air spring
air stream air supply
air supply air supply
air supply blockable air supply connection
air supply line air supply pipe
air supply port air supply time
air through-feed air through-feed
air throughfeed air tool
air tools air tube
air velocity air-condition
air-drying air-saving circuit
air-to-air cooler air-to-air heat exchanger
air/oil actuator airflow chill
Al cast design Al design
Al sand casting Al valve
alarm indicator alarm initiation
alarm signal alarm system
alarm system alarm unit
algorithm align
align alignment
alignment collar alive
alkaline all plastic design
All rights reserved including translation rights. all-pole
all-pole switch all-purpose cylinder
all-purpose... Allen key
Allen key Allen screw
Allen screw allocate
allocated allocation
allocation allocation error
allocation file allocation list
allocation list Allocation of the value # to a variable *
allowable time allowance
allowance alloy
alphanumeric also refer to Chapter
alterable alteration
alteration alteration capability
alteration number alternate
alternate bending strength alternate-tooth sawblade
alternately alternating current
alternating current alternating field
alternating program alternating table
alternative connection alternative decision
alternative sentence alternative(ly)
ALU ALU memory
aluminium aluminium cast design
aluminium profile plate aluminium version
aluminum Amazing world of pneumatic
ambient ambient atmosphere
ambient climatic conditions ambient conditions
ambient operating temperature ambient temperature
ambient temperature ambivalence
amendment amendment
ammeter amortization
amortize amount
amount amount
amount of condensate amount of material
amount of power ampere
ampere second amplification
amplification gain amplifier
amplifier actuator amplifier function
amplifier module amplifier module
amplifier range amplifier stage
amplify amplitude
amplitude characteristic amplitude curve
amplitude shift keying amps
analog analogue
analogue cable, crossover analogue cable, parallel
analogue channel analogue computer
analogue distance sensor analogue expansion
analogue indicator analogue input
analogue input module analogue measuring system
analogue module analogue output
analogue output module analogue pressure sensor
analogue processing analogue regulator
analogue signal analogue stage
analogue terminal SysLink analogue ultrasound distance sensor
analogue ultrasound sensor analogue value
analogue-digital converter analogue-digital converter
analogue-digital converter analogue-terminal
analysis analysis of peripheral devices
analysis of variance and regression ancillary equipment
AND AND branch
AND branch AND circuit
AND circuit AND condition
AND element AND element
AND gate AND gate block
AND identity AND module
AND module AND operation
AND operation AND passage
AND valve AND-OR mixing
ANDed ANDing
angle angle adapter
angle adjustment angle bracket
angle bracket angle bracket
angle bracket angle compensator
angle generator angle gripper
angle mounting angle of contact
angle of incidence angle of inclination
angle of lead angle of reflection
angle of rotation angle of rotation
angle of twist angle piece
angle position angle rotation
angle sander angle scale
angle sharpened angle stop
angle strip angle valve
angled angled outlet block
angled plug socket angled plug socket
angular ball bearing angular dimensions
angular displacement encoder angular minute
angular misalignment angular moment
angular movement angular support
angular velocity annealed
annotation annual budget
annual report annular gap
annular nozzle proximity sensor annular piston valve
annular spring annular tension spring
anodise anodized
antenna anti-clockwise rotating
anti-clockwise rotation anti-spread device
antimagnetic antireflection coated
antistatic antivalence
antivalent antivalent
antivalent anvil receptacle
any any mounting position
aperture apparent power
append appendix
appendix appendix
appliance socket appliance switch
applicable applicable
application application
application application category
application consultancy application criteria
application example application example
application for product approval application of force
application of force application of force
application of pneumatics application oriented
application poster application program
application range application tailored
application technology application-specific
application-specific applied load
applied load applied load
applied voltage apply
apply apply
apply (to) apply for
appraisals approach
approach approach
approach direction approach error
approach of an object approach range
approach to problem solving approaching zero
appropriate approval
approve approved
approved approved service center
approximate approximate
approximate approximate value
approximate(ly) arc
area area
area area extension
area identification area of application
area of work arithmetic comparison
arithmetic instruction arithmetic operation
arithmetic operation arithmetic register
arithmetic rule arithmetic unit
arithmetical mean armature
armature armature circuit
armature guiding tube armature shaft
armature slot armature tube
armature tube armature voltage
armoured arrange
arrangement arrangement
arrest arrest
arrow arrow key
arrow key arrow pointer
arrowhead article
article master file articulated arm robot
articulated coupling as a function of
as a standard feature as master
as required as scheduled
as scheduled as slave
as supplied AS-i address
AS-i bus AS-i bus configurator
AS-i bus connection AS-i bus line
AS-i bus station AS-i bus system
AS-i cable socket AS-i combi-socket
AS-i configuration plug AS-i data bit
AS-i interface AS-i master
AS-i module AS-i specific error handling
AS-i station AS-i-station
AS-interface AS-Interface addressing cable
AS-interface component AS-Interface control console
AS-Interface diffuse sensor AS-Interface flat cable
AS-Interface I/O connection unit AS-Interface upgrade
ascending ASCII
ASCII character set ASCII input
ASCII keyboard ASIC
aspect ratio assemble
assemble assembled
assembler assembling
assembling advice assembling force
assembling place assembling time
assembly assembly
assembly assembly
assembly aids assembly board
assembly component assembly costs
assembly deficiency assembly device
assembly diagram assembly drawing
assembly element assembly frame
assembly grease assembly holder module
assembly instructions assembly instructions
assembly key assembly language
assembly line assembly line
assembly plan assembly position
assembly profile assembly set for cylinder
assembly station assembly strip
assembly system assembly systems
assembly time assembly tool
assembly tool assembly without spacings
assembly work assembly workshop
assessment assessment of possible ignition sources
assessment test assets
assign assignation condition
assignation label of an output assigned
assigned address area assigning operation parameters
assigning/altering address assignment
assignment assignment
assignment list assortment
assortment of profiles assortment of seals
assumption astable
asymmetric asynchronous
asynchronous counter asynchronous mode
at a defined time at rest
at rest and de-energized at site
at the output at the receiver side
at/of the input side ATEX specification
atmospheric pressure atmospheric pressure line
atomic-physical atomise
attach attach
attach attach
attach attachable
attached attachment
attachment attachment
attachment attachment
attachment attachment by means of clamping band
attachment for top-hat rail mounting attachment position
attainable attention
attenuated attractive force
attractively priced attribute
attribute audible
audible indicator audio connection
audio device audio frequency
audio signal audio socket
audio-visual auditee
auger bit author
author authoring system
authority authorization
authorization authorization
authorized dealer authorized dealers
auto restart auto restart instruction
auto restart option auto-lubrication
autocentering autoclave filter
autoignition automated guided vehicle system
automatic automatic
automatic assembly machine automatic condensate drain
automatic execution automatic feed unit
automatic lathe automatic lift mechanism
automatic locking automatic machine
automatic machine tool automatic mode
automatic mode automatic mode
automatic operation automatic packing machine
automatic reversal automatic shut-off valve
automatic start automatic start
automatic stock feed automatic stop/switch-off
automatic valve automatic warehouse
automation automation (technology)
automation process automobile industry
autoprogramming autotransformer
auxiliary card auxiliary control
auxiliary device auxiliary energy
auxiliary flag auxiliary ground line
auxiliary manual drive auxiliary means
auxiliary memory auxiliary module
auxiliary pilot air auxiliary pilot air connection
auxiliary pilot port auxiliary power supply
auxiliary register auxiliary relay
auxiliary relay auxiliary switch
auxiliary tool auxiliary valve
availability availability
availability code available
available available
available available
available available from
available on request only available space
available until available up until
available user memory average
average average
average average costs
average monthly requirement average value
axial alignment axial compressor
axial direction axial displacement
axial force axial kit
axial load axial load
axial load axial motor
axial movement axial needle bearing
axial needle bearing axial needle rim
axial piston motor axial piston motor unit
axial thrust axial washer
axially symmetrical axis
axis connecting kit axis controller
axis controller housing axis interface
axis interface string axis of motion
axis of rotation axis of rotation
axle controller axle drive