Explore Technologies, Discover Your Skills!


Explore Technologies, Discover Your Skills!

Mechatronics, Mobile Robotics and Water Management

From 2–7 July 2013, young apprentices from all over the world will meet in Leipzig to demonstrate the skills they have learned during their training. Whether joiners, mechatronic technicians or CNC operators, all will be trying their very best to win one of the coveted gold medals. And we will be watching: 200,000 visitors are expected to attend – most of them young people seeking inspiration and excitement. They are all embarking on a life in which technology and learning will be constant companions.
Festo has supported and promoted the international competition for over 20 years. As one of the most successful and largest educational platforms, it provides an arena in which to compare the qualifications of trainees and apprentices around the world, as well as the state of the art of the education systems in the respective countries. The demand for qualified professionals is greater than ever, not least from Festo as well as its more than 300,000 customers in industry and the public sector. The intention is to raise the profile of training and further education and to foster and communicate the value of education as a key factor for success in all emerging industrial nations.


The Mechatronics and Mobile Robotics Competitions

As a Skill Presenter for the “Mechatronics” and “Mobile Robotics” competitions and Sponsor of the “Polymechanics” competition, Festo Didactic supports the competition in these disciplines and equips the competitors. 34 teams of mechatronics technicians will demonstrate their prowess using MPS learning systems provided by Festo Didactic, while 20 teams of mobile robotics engineers will compete with the mobile learning system Robotino 2.0 for the title. While the competition calls for technical know-how, the participants will also need to demonstrate flexibility, team spirit, adaptability, and improvisation skills - just as in real life.


Explore Technologies, Discover Your Skills!

As the main sponsor of Hall 3, Festo is organizing two of the competitions and in the centre of the hall will also be presenting the opportunity to explore and discover technology first hand – both for children and young people as well as for professionals from industry and research. In the field of mechatronics and mobile robotics, MPS stations, pneumatic workshops and the Robotino XT will be available to try out, according to the motto “Explore Technologies, Discover Your Skills!” In addition, the Bionic Learning Network will present developments from the field of bionics.


Industry 4.0

A particular highlight in the field of “Integrated Automation” and “Industry 4.0” will be the MPS® Transfer Factory. This modular learning factory was developed to teach students about mechatronics and automation technology. The individual cells of the learning factory are equipped with the very latest industrial technology and can be configured for a wide range of different production scenarios. The version being presented at WorldSkills will focus on the following:

  • Energy monitoring and management using the latest wireless sensors
  • Robot diagnostics via smartphone
  • Integrated spare parts ordering by the machine
  • RFID: the workpiece carries a record of its production history
  • Asset management: a QR code links components with their service information


Demonstration Skills Competition: “Specialist in Water Technology”

In the centre of Hall 4, the Demonstration Skills Competition “Specialist in Water Technology” will take place under the patronage of the DWA (German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste). This new discipline will contribute to promoting vocational training and education in a field that presents major challenges around the world: the provision of a stable and sustainable water supply.
In this competition, 16 teams from Germany will compete to solve problems using the new EDS Water Management modular learning system. The “Environmental Discovery System for Water Management” is a modular learning system developed to teach students about water supply and wastewater treatment. Associations, local municipalities and schools around the world can use the EDS to train people in the planning of both simple and complex projects in the field of water management, as well as to maintain and optimize the operation of water provision and treatment plants.


Automation in the Expotainer

The Festo Expotainer, our mobile trade fair truck, will present the very latest technology in the field of automation as part of the WorldSkills outdoor exhibition. Visitors will have an opportunity to experience electrical and pneumatic automation technology hands-on in the context of different industrial applications: in handling and assembly, in electrical drive technology, in controlling and steering, in pneumatics and in service units and equipment for compressed air preparation as well as in the CPX automation platform. And there will, of course, be ample opportunity for your questions. Festo support teams will be on hand at all the exhibitions in Leipzig to assist young trainees and professionals alike.


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Facts und Location:
2 – 7 July 2013, Leipziger Messe Trade Fair, Germany
WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 GmbH, Hubert Romer (CEO)
Humboldtstraße 18, 04105 Leipzig, Germany
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