WorldSkills Sustainable Practice Award in Water Technology goes to Festo Didactic

Festo Didactic received the prestigious Sustainable Practice Award for its endeavors in the competition discipline Water Technology.

The Sustainable Practice Award
Every two years, at the WorldSkills Competition, a Global Industry Partner is honored by the distinguished Sustainable Practice Award meaning that the competition disciplines, the projects, the competitors and the stakeholders involved are scored for outstanding results in terms of resource efficiency, material or energy usage, sustainability and positive impact on environment and society.

Skill #55: Water Technology

This year at WorldSkills Kazan, Festo Didactic received the prestigious award for its endeavors in the competition discipline Water Technology. Eleven teams worked with the modular EDS® Water Management Learning System from Festo Didactic, which simulates the core processes of a water and wastewater treatment plant.

Why is Water Technology important?

Water is the foundation of all living in our world. However, water is already today a scarce commodity in many parts of the world and this phenomenon is getting even more challenging due to the visible environmental and climate change. Thus, water and waste water treatment technology, related skills development and well-trained water technologists are in global need. That's why in 2015 Festo Didactic took the initiative together with WorldSkills to introduce the World Cup discipline Water Technology, continuously growing and involving more and more countries.

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